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Our experience with this mic overall was great.

This mic is great for buyers on a budget. But, it’s more than that. It’s a versatile mic that can serve gamers, podcasters, and music artists.


  • Great price
  • Clear and smooth sound quality
  • Filters out background noise
  • Cardioid pickup pattern
  • Easy connection
  • Can place anywhere


  • On/off switch
  • Power cord length
  • Tripod flimsiness

Here’s a review of the mic:

Sound Quality

We tested this while playing games and it works well. Teammates could hear us clearly, and there was no static coming from our end. We also used it during meetings with others and asked what others thought of it. Everyone we asked said they could hear us clearly.

The cardioid pickup pattern of the mic makes it so sound input is clear and smooth. It filters out background noise while the two pop filters help with the crispness of sound.

There’s no way you can go wrong with this mic.


The Blue Snowball/Yeti are the two most common comparisons against this mic. But, the price of those mics compared to the TONOR mic is not a competition. It’s much cheaper, and will last a long time if you treat it right.


Besides its versatility, we love the convenience of this mic. All you have to do to connect it is plug it in via USB and your computer finds it right away.

This mic is also compatible with different hardware. This includes desktops, laptops, and game consoles like a Playstation 4. If you decide to use a PC, you don’t have to worry about operating system compatibility because this can connect to Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

The tripod it’s placed on also makes it convenient for placing anywhere. Some mics need to attach to different tables, but this mic just needs a surface. You can also hold the mic in your hands if you want to. This is probably more of a feature for music artists though.

There are three features we didn’t like too much though. Some of them include not having an on and off switch, the power cord, and tripod.

Not having an on/off switch is more of a convenience issue. It causes the computer to recognize the mic right away which is annoying if you don’t want it to. Another issue is the length of the power cord. If you want to take the mic out and move around with it, you’ll be limited because the cord isn’t long.

The final issue we have is the tripod itself. It’s kind of flimsy and can support the mic better if it was thicker.

Although though there are inconveniences, what you’re getting from this mic at its price range is great quality. We would definitely recommend this for someone looking for a microphone.

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