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The Top 5 Wireless Speaker Conversion Kits – Noisylabs

Can you convert wired speakers to wireless?

You probably didn't even know this is possible.

We sure didn't. But imagine the convenience a wireless speaker conversion speaker kit provides.

A wireless speaker conversion kit turns your home theater system from messy, to pristine. Less wires equals less trouble. 

And it gives it that modern look.

Another reason is if you have an outdoor stereo system. Having wires go through walls affects aesthetics. Having an outdoor stereo system also means you might have wires lying around which is a hazard.

You don't want people tripping over them. We mentioned this in our outdoor speaker guide.

You also have the advantage of connecting your speakers to your smartphone and Bluetooth.

In other words, you can turn your speakers more compatible with technology.

There are resources all over the web on how to turn your wired speakers wireless.

But what isn't covered a lot are the wireless speaker conversion kits which make it happen.

1. Amphony Wireless Speaker Kit with 2 Wireless Amplifiers

wireless speaker conversion kit

Amphony is probably the top supplier of wireless speaker conversion kits.

This new model is on top for many reasons, but the first reason is because it provides 2 amplifiers.

But 2 amplifiers don't mean anything if both of them are weak. Thankfully, that's not the case.

Both of these amps come with a wattage power of 80. 

That's standard power in addition to your subwoofers. If you manage to work your subwoofer and amps at the same time, your place will be rocking with music.

A big part of sound quality is knowing what type of distortion (if any) you'll get. 

This wireless speaker kit is free of static and interference. You can place it in another room and still receive the signal.

In addition to this, your wireless receivers can go up to 200 feet. For reference, that's 2/3 of a football field. And it's safe to say most living areas aren't that big, so 200 feet works fine.

The sound quality of these amplifiers are great too. They're comparable to class-D amps which is what Amphony says.

And if these sound qualities aren't enough for you, this wireless speaker kit pairs up to 4 wireless amps. That's a total of 320 watts assuming 80 watts comes from each amp.

A big part of measuring sound quality is power efficiency.

Power efficiency determines how much electricity coming in is actually being used. 

The equation goes like this:

Useful power output/Total electrical power consumed

You want this number to be as close to 1 as possible.

And the power efficiency for this wireless speaker kit is at 90%. Pretty good.

When you have great power efficiency like this, you don't need to cool your amps down. 

Not many casual listeners pay attention to power efficiency. But understanding this lets you know what sound distortion will be like, if it overheats, and how efficient it is.

This Amphony wireless speaker kit is the best one on the market. Grab one if you're planning to make the conversion.

2. Amphony 1700 Wireless Speaker Kit

best wireless speaker conversion kit

This wireless speaker set only comes with 1 amplifier. That automatically takes it out of number one contention.

There are a lot of similarities between this conversion kit and number one.

The first similarity is the wattage power. It comes in at 80 watts, but if you do your research, they describe it as "2x40."

Amphony also markets this kit as having a "linear frequency response."

This is a big part of low sound distortion.

Frequency response is easy to understand. It describes the "range of frequencies or musical tones a component can reproduce."

A great article from SoundGuys explains frequency response in greater detail.

But to give you a small summary, there are specific frequency ranges a human can hear. If the frequency is too great, or it's too low, humans can make anything out of it.

The Amphony 1700 does a great job finding a good range.

It also has multi-room capability. You can use a max of 4 amps with this kit. Even though you get 1 amp, being able to pair it with a max of 4 amps demonstrates Amphony's quality of products.

A lot of what made the first Amphony wireless speaker kit #1 can also be attributed to this speaker kit.

There are a lot of positive similarities. This includes the power efficiency and dimensions of the first one.

3. Rocketfish Wireless Home Theater Rear Speaker Kit

best wireless speaker conversion kit

This wireless speaker kit communicates frequency by a radio communication link.

If you have a home theater system and want that surround sound effect, this is a great addition.

A Rocketfish package comes with a wireless receiver and wireless sender.

It's versatile when it comes to placement.

You can place it on the a flat surface horizontally, vertically, or hang it on the wall. 

One quality it doesn't have over the Amphony products is it can't reach as far. The max it can go is 100 feet.

The wireless speaker kit also doesn't have the best wattage power. For reference, the Amphony products have 80 watts per amp, this wireless speaker kit only has 25 watts.

An advantage of this product is it's easy to setup.

You only have to have a system that already has standard speaker wires and front speakers. 

Basically, it works with any brand of speakers making compatibility seamless.

Remember, Rocketship only provides for rear speakers, so they'll only sound as good as your front speakers.

Considering its advantages and disadvantages though, the Rocketship is for somebody who is on a budget.

It's for someone who already invested a lot in their sound system and is looking for a complimentary piece to finish it off.

4. BIC America WTR-Sys Wireless Transmitter/Receiver Kit

best wireless conversion speaker kits

The BIC America wireless transmitter/receiver kit is all about connecting your subwoofer and speakers.

BIC emphasizes easy setups with no cables or wires.

One way BIC made the setup easier is both the transmitter and receiver can be powered by USB's.

Also, the kit comes in quality packaging. There's no assembly needed and everything is labeled for convenience.

When you install this wireless kit, you can play up to 4 separate channels or zones.

This means you can have a channel/zone in one room, another in a separate room, and 2 in the other room.

This wireless speaker kit also emphasizes its external antennas cables.

80 feet gets you unobstructed wireless range, and 60 feet gets you obstruction with no interference.

BIC also says 60 feet gets you no delays or drop outs.

Besides its side features, let's talk about its sound output.

Assuming you keep your speakers at a reasonable distance, you should experience no lag.

The bass, treble, and mids should also be clear. It can reach every aspect of the sound spectrum with ease.

If you purchase this wireless speaker conversion kit, you'll get velcro strips USB AC power adapters, 2 USB cords, and more.

For only a $100, you can get a quality conversion kit. It doesn't have any significant weaknesses and you'll get long-lasting value.

5. iFinity Wireless Audio Transmitter/Receiver

best wireless speaker conversion kits

Another Amphony product on the list....

We promise we're not an affiliate for Amphony. Even if you research the best wireless speaker conversion kits, a lot of Amphony products pop up.

Similar to the other Amphony products, this one has effective wireless technology.

What makes it great is the compression. What happens is "stereo audio is converted into a digital format without audio compression."

This allows little to no distortion. What's even more impressive is the "adaptive frequency hopping."

Adaptive frequency hopping allows for no other signal to interrupt the iFinity's signal. The signal can travel through rooms, ceilings, or walls.

Not only does it make sound better, it makes it easier to setup.

Furthermore, this kit covers the full frequency range. You can play heavy bass songs or light strings on this and it'll sound fine.

Other than that, there's not much else to mention. A lot of the positive aspects are similar to the other 2 Amphony products.

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