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Why Should You Get A Solar Powered Speaker?

There are many benefits as to why you should get a solar powered speaker. If you're a green person and are environmental-friendly, then this is a no brainer.

But there's other reasons as to why you should get a solar powered speaker. Reasons you might not know about.

If you're living in an area without much electrical infrastructure, having a solar powered speaker is an advantage.

One advantage is you don't have to worry about how you're going to charge. And the other reason is you can build your own infrastructure for powering your speaker.

Although it's more expensive, the expense is outweighed by all the other benefits solar power brings.

Let's not forget about the subsidies which come from solar power. Since the government is trying to promote a more eco-friendly environment, they also provide tax incentives.

Expenses from installing a solar-powered infrastructure lower by its other advantages, it also gets lowered by government support.

A big attraction towards solar power comes from its abundancy. We can't ever have too much solar compared to other forms of energy.

Energy such as fossil fuel or nuclear energy are non-renewable energy. Solar power on the other hand doesn't have this limitation.

A solar powered speaker doesn't need a whole infrastructure because it comes with one, but what are some disadvantages?

Unlike electricity, which works 24/7, solar power is limited to a specific time of day. Obviously, solar power comes from the sun which means energy accrues only when there is daylight.

But there are days when the sun isn't out. If you live in a foggy area, then solar power shouldn't be your primary energy source.

We'd say the pros outweigh the cons for solar powered speakers. But it won't suit everybody which is understandable. Just know solar energy is trending upwards which makes solar powered speakers popular in the foreseeable future.

Ranking Criteria

There are 2 qualities we mainly look for when we review speakers and that is sound quality and durability.

Since we're reviewing solar speakers though, we're going to focus more on features and price. We usually focus on features if we feel like they're noteworthy, but now we want to get into more detail.

As for price, let's not kid ourselves, it's a huge factor for any consumer. 

By reviewing sound quality, durability, and features, we hope to give you an in-depth review of each solar powered speaker.

1. Eton Rugged Rukus

solar powered speakers

Eton is a progressive brand which produces different types of speakers. They come with radios, and of course, solar speakers. Their product line also comes with a battery bank.

A battery bank is like an emergency charger which you connect with your phone through a USB.

They're the go-to brand for emergency audio. Their partnership with American Red Cross and product lines make it obvious. Their first product was a radio which transitioned to emergency radios and finally battery banks.

It's an uncommon route for an audio company, but their products serve a particular niche. And their niche is for people on the go. This has allowed them to transition to solar powered speakers.

Since the Eton Rugged Rukus is small (1.2 pounds), it doesn't have booming bass similar to the MicroSolar. Its vocal clarity is solid though, similar to the MicroSolar. When playing at maximum volume, there wasn't any noticeable distortion, making it appealing for the great outdoors.

The best parts of its sound quality come from the lower mid-range towards the upper mid-range. Its weak points come when tested at either extreme. For example, if we were to test the lowest and highest frequency, nothing stood out to us.

These qualities are inherent with small speakers.

We would suggest picking songs with a lot of guitar riffs with a singer who doesn't have high vocal cords. If you like R&B and are looking for someone like this, Daniel Caesar is your guy. Even if you don't play him on this speaker, we suggest listening to his album.

The key formula for matching music with this speaker is to not have any songs that are quiet.

2. The MicroSolar B2 Speaker

solar powered speakers

Take off the handle and it looks like you have an astronaut's helmet. At first glance, this could pass for a humidifier. It looks unique which is a plus for us.

We don't want anything that everybody else has.

Once you start playing music, you'll notice sound emanates from 2 areas. Those areas are both the left and right sides. A common trend you'll see among solar speakers are its bass.

Solar speakers can produce booming bass at times because of all the internal components. Because of the priority of all the other components, there isn't room to amplify the bass as much as we'd prefer.

What we will say is the bass for this solar speaker is solid. It's just not as loud as we'd want it to be considering it'll be outdoors.

It does excel in the upper ranges though. Vocal clarity is exceptional when we were listening to it. The mid-range to upper-range is where it shines.

Its durability is also great. It's both waterproof and dustproof, but it isn't great against drops. If you're planning to bring this around a wet area, say a pool, hold on to this solar powered speaker tight! The good news is it's light (2.5 pounds).

Overall, the durability on the MicroSolar B2 speaker is great. But it doesn't have as much features for durability like outdoor radios.

What makes up for its durability is its features. Since it's solar powered, you can play it while it's charging. Perfect for those who get anxious thinking about when to charge it.

Once you have a full charge, you can play it at night nonstop for 8 hours straight with maximum power (or close to it). That's a regular work day which those in the working force know is a long day.

Even if you don't want to solar charge it, you get the option to plug it in to charge.

Another feature worth mentioning is its Bluetooth connectivity. And yes, even though it's 2019, having Bluetooth connectivity is still a feature worth mentioning. No one wants to manually connect to a device.

If you need further proof, look at AirPods. Everyone wears them and it's becoming part of everyone's outfit. We're living in an interconnected age and it'll only get stronger.

For all the value you get, this solar speaker comes in at $100+ including tax and shipping. That's exceptional value considering the market for solar speakers. A lot of them go for $200+ standard rates.

Looking at everything from sound quality, durability, features, and price made us put this speaker at the top.

3. MacroBoom Waterproof Camping Bluetooth Speakers 

solar powered Bluetooth speakers

The first part we love about this solar speaker is its name. "MacroBoom" stands out from the rest and we love it.

After your excitement drops off from hearing the name comes its qualities. This thing is built like a tank which is an understatement.

The components to make a tank like this is stainless steel and an injection of mold. The downside of having great durability is having a heavier speaker. It's harder to move it around the party into different areas. But most people prefer having durability over preferences.

The durability advantages are it being dust-proof, waterproof, shockproof, and drop-proof. All these durability qualities can't be taken for granted. A lot of quality speakers can't do all of this.

Sometimes small speakers get a bad reputation for sound distortion. Being able to handle all that frequency in a small design isn't always a winning combination. It takes engineers and designers working together to deliver quality.

The MacroBoom's sound is also versatile. It contains 2 deep bass radiators and 2 full range drivers with a 15 watt output. Having this solar powered Bluetooth speaker around is like having a surround system.

Smaller speakers don't come with 2 bass radiators or full range drivers every time. But having them is great insurance if a radiator were to blow out.

This speaker could have gone number 1 in our books, but there are too many great choices to pick. Either way, if you pick this solar speaker, treat it like it's #1 because you can't go wrong with it.

4. Youmoon Solar-Powered Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

solar powered Bluetooth speaker

This speaker has a nice frame to it. Although it's much smaller than a lot of speakers on this list, this doesn't take away from its design.

The solar panel comes with internal 1200MAH Li-ion battery which allows for high efficiency. The "li" abbreviation stands for lithium. What makes lithium batteries effective is they can charge faster and last longer.

This is a big win for consumers. Another part of its frame is its silicon case with a stainless steel bracket. Its 360-degree rotation makes it a great option for the outdoors.

Although its frame and design are one of its best features, what's ironic is their durability doesn't stack up as much.

The Youmoon solar powered speaker has a rating of IPX4. Its good enough for outdoor situations, but it isn't the highest rating you can get. Still, its good against dust, water, and more. If you're like us and like singing in the shower, this speaker is perfect for that.

What makes this great for outdoor activity is its weight. Coming in at 3 pounds, you won't get tired moving it around. But that's not the only great feature.

Being able to switch between different music avenues is another advantage worth knowing. Besides Bluetooth, you can play your music through a micro-SD card. This way your music will keep going.

A downfall of the Youmoon solar powered speaker is its volume. If you want to play it at maximum volume, be prepared for a low maximum volume. As a small speaker, you would generally expect a small maximum volume, but this solar speaker takes it to another level below.

With a smaller speaker, you get lower wattage power. The Youmoon has a power rating of 5 watts. Not great for large parties, but it'll work around a pool area.

This speaker is perfect for tracks with acoustics. Songs which emphasize guitar strings or drums work great. If you plan on playing songs with heavy bass, you'll be disappointed. Small speakers don't work well with heavy bass because of its design.

5. Honeywell Wireless Outdoor Solar Speaker

solar powered Bluetooth speaker

One thing we wanted to highlight before getting to sound and durability are its features.

Honeywell outdid themselves with their features. One feature worth mentioning is its Bluetooth connectivity. It can connect up to 3 devices simultaneously. Having the ability to connect 3 devices gives you a diverse listening experience. If it were only your phone, then it wouldn't be as enjoyable because you wouldn't be able to listen to new music.

Another quality feature is you can charge 3 devices at the same time. Not only can you play 3 devices, but being able to charge at the same time means you don't ever have to switch devices. You can just charge while playing.

Adding onto this, the battery life lasts up to 8 hours. 8 hours is a very long time. If you add up all 3 of these features, then you basically have a device which can act as a central entertainment system.

The sound quality on this solar powered speaker is astounding. Remember when we said you can connect up to 3 devices, this means not only phones, it also means other speakers. Buying this product means you'll have a full stereo system for the price of one.

Personal users experience a rich full sound playing this speaker. It ranges from low-end to high-end which means it can move from either spectrum easily. This is something other speakers have a hard time dealing with. Speakers usually have one side of the spectrum which they're good at, not both.

Comparing sound quality to durability, we'd say durability isn't as impressive as its sound quality. One noticeable feature on this solar powered speaker is its rubber coating.

A rubber coating means it handles shock well. It can't handle heat as well as it can handle cold temperature though. When it was tested by personal users, users experienced damage at temperatures of 60 degrees. The same couldn't be said of temperatures at 20 below.

6. Eton Rugged Rukus Xtreme

solar powered Bluetooth speaker

The Eton Rugged Rukus Xtreme comes with features other solar powered Bluetooth speakers don't.

It has an integrated solar panel, under the right amount of sunlight, can power itself and other devices (smartphones) without draining its own battery. 

The Bluetooth range on this also exceeds expectations. With Bluetooth 4.0, you can be 30+ feet away and have your music play without distortion.

A compliment to its Bluetooth range is its travel adapters and USB port for connectivity. In other words, the Eton provides multiple ways for you to play music.

One common complaint about the sound of this speaker is it bass levels. An interesting note is it has 2 bass radiators, but that didn't make up for the difference. Although we're not engineers, we expect the dip in bass to come from its flat design. Just a theory.

Besides its bass, it shines when it comes to the higher range of sounds. We know this because during its test we noticed no distortion when we played it at max volume.

Its frequency range is 150hz-18khz. If you were to play high-pitched singers like Ariana Grande or Mariah Carey on this speaker, then turn it all the way up. The higher-range frequency is where this speaker shines.

The battery power of the Eton Rugged Rukus Extreme is right around par as the other solar speakers on here. It averages around 8 hours which doesn't differentiate itself, but it's good enough for a party.

Whenever a speaker gets a lower IPX rating we get turned off. The low IPX rating combined with its bass levels is the reason why we put this speaker lower.

A strong point for the Eton Rukus is its durability. Under intense pressure, such as sweltering heat or a drop from 20 feet, you'll definitely see damage. But it isn't the best against water which results in a lower IPX rating. It'll handle a splash of water, but don't expect it to join you for a swim around the pool.

The Eton is for someone who can't afford a higher-quality speaker, but still wants quality. Its good for someone who wants to test solar powered Bluetooth speakers and isn't ready to commit to something bigger.

7. Braven BRV-PRO+SOLAR Bluetooth Speaker

Solar Powered Bluetooth Speaker

It seems solar powered Bluetooth speakers have less bass impact than normal Bluetooth speakers. We don't know why, but from tests provided, it's clear solar speakers don't handle lower frequencies well.

The Braven isn't any different.

What contributes to its lack of bass is its size. Combine that with its design as a solar speaker and you have the makings of a speaker with lower quality bass.

The Braven BRV-PRO shines in the mid and upper-range frequencies. Whenever you play a song with guitars or an orchestra, the sound doesn't distort. This is a clear sign the speaker can handle it assuming you have the volume at a higher level.

Components inside the Braven are an omni-directional passive sub woofer and a built-in power bank.

For it to charge, all you have to do is pop the top open. The opening of the speaker is easy. All you have to do is pull it upwards and it opens like an old-school basement door in the backyard.

On average, the battery lasts 15 hours. But if you leave the top up, there's no limit to how long you can play it. Leaving the speaker top open for charging doesn't interfere with anything also.

It beats out all the other speakers when it comes to durability. With an IPX7 rating, you can cannonball with the speaker in your hands. Just don't submerge for 30 minutes straight. 

A speaker with an IPX7 rating is assumed to be weather-proof also, which is correct in this case. It has sleek metal covering its exterior, and a speaker grille covering its front.

This speaker also comes with auxiliary inputs and USB-ports if you're worried about connectivity. It also has a hands-free option useful for taking calls. Perfect for those days besides the pool while you're phone is next to you.

8. Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Solar Rechargeable Speaker

solar powered Bluetooth Speakers

We hate to contradict what we say, but out of all the solar speakers here, this one has one of the more impressive bass.

"Darkbass technology" is what separates itself from the others. It gets deep bass due to airflow coming in. The airflow allows for "deep,  precise sound without the bulk."

Besides its bass, everything else is more balanced. This doesn't mean the bass over-compensates, we just mean both its mid-range and treble aren't as noticeable as its bass. If you were to play the volume at its maximum, you'll notice there's no distortion.

It's an all-around speaker which covers the frequency range with a balanced approach. The sound quality is nothing to complain about.

Goal Zero advertises the Rock Out 2 as "weatherproof." They say it can withstand anything mother nature has in store, and while this sounds promising, nothing beats mother nature. There's no doubt it can hold against water, but this kind of advertising makes us doubtful because they don't state specifics.

Similar to the Braven BRV, the Rock Out 2 can be charged using a built-in solar panel. It can also be charged with a USB source within 2 hours. 

Easy Bluetooth pairing along with hands-free connection make the Rock Out easy for users to enjoy. Another fact is it's easy to carry around. It's only 1 pound making it an option for hikes or strolls around the neighborhood. 

9. Ivation 7-in-1 Bluetooth and Radio Speaker

solar powered Bluetooth Speaker

An interesting part of this solar Bluetooth speaker is it has a headphone jack for private listening. This lets you know the speaker is made for portability. 

Besides the headphone jack is the LED screen. A unique feature of the LED display is it shows the current time and day of the week along with the temperature. 

The LED screen combined with the headphone jack are nice compliments to an outdoor speaker.

But the main function that makes this a great outdoor speaker is its flashlights. The Ivation has both a bright flashlight and a red SOS flashing light integrated. The SOS light is great for emergency situations.

The icing on the cake is its extended antenna. Whenever you're in an area where reception is sketchy, this extended antenna will help out. This is important for emergency situations.

If you're in a flash flood in New Orleans, this radio would be perfect. Its design makes it great for handling and identifying. Bright yellow is hard to miss when everything else is monotone. 

Transitioning to its audio, the Ivation has stereo speakers. Overall, there's nothing negative to say about its stereo speakers. It measures well on the frequency range, but that's why we aren't the biggest fans of its audio quality.

For it to be higher in our rankings, we need it to stand out in some way. Some speakers on this list shine by dominating the higher frequency range, others stand out by delivering thumping bass. The Ivation does neither. It's mediocre at best which isn't bad, but that's the point, it's not great either.

The biggest downside to this solar speaker are its charging capabilities.

Compared to other speakers on this list, it's slow to charge and it's battery life is short. We would recommend purchasing this speaker if you plan on using it for short stints. If you're working in the field for a set time, this speaker works due to its durability and useful features.

10. Soweiek Portable Speaker with 55 Hours Playtime

Solar Powered Bluetooth Speakers

55 hours of playtime...

Let that one sink in.

55 hours from a single charge doesn't sound realistic. The caveat is the speaker has to be at 70% power. But 70% is a good level to play music. There's no need to play music at full blast.

A lateral effect of having so much battery is you're able to charge a lot of devices. This includes smartphones, tablets, and other music players.

The main reason why its battery lasts long is due to its mono crystalline solar panel.

Its big body design allows it to generate 10 watts and deep bass. In addition to its bass is its dual frequency drivers. This helps with wattage power and frequency range. 

Testing it out though, the higher frequency range doesn't deliver like its bass. If you're going with this speaker, then we'd recommend playing music with heavy bass lines. A genre that complies with this is rap/hip hop.

When it comes to durability, we'd give it an average rating. Its IPX rating of 5 is a big reason why. It's shockproof and splash-proof, but it can't take a beating like other solar speakers here.

11. Soweiek Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speaker

Solar Powered Bluetooth Speaker

The Soweiek looks like a big air conditioner. If you've ever been in a household with no air conditioner, there's a good chance a fan similar to this took its place.

A selling point of the Soweiek is its battery life. 20 hours of constant music is not necessary, even for the most dedicated music lovers. Why do you think Coachella has weekends instead of a whole week of festivals. People need to take a break.

After its battery life is its sound quality. Bigger speakers are more powerful. This statement is one we'll keep repeating because it's true. Every time we review a bigger speaker on a list of smaller speakers, bigger speakers always have more of something. In this case, the Soweiek provides deep bass.

Its durability is also great. With a rating of IPX6, you can expect this speaker to be splashproof and sturdy. This isn't a small speaker compared to the others which means you won't be carrying it around as much. You won't know if it's drop-proof, but you'll also know you won't be dropping it because you won't be carrying it. All about perspective.

The solar panels are at the top of its frame. What's unique about it is the charger is mono crystalline. In English, your battery charges fast. It charges 2x faster than other speakers.

This solar Bluetooth speaker is a sleeper pick. It might not look the best, but it's a worthy investment.

12. BESWILL Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Solar Powered Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker stood out to us because it has hi-fi speakers, and we never see that for smaller speakers. Importing hi-fi speakers was a great idea from the engineers because the sound quality is fantastic.

It stands out in a way which is sharp. It contrasts vocals from the instrumental well which is perfect for world class singers. 

The upper-frequency range of this speaker is smooth and the bass also deserves recognition. 

A downside to this speaker is it doesn't have any additional features. It has the regular USB output and has Bluetooth connectivity with additional lighting but that's it.

Its durability is only above average also. An IPX rating of 5, similar to the last speaker is where it stands. The greatest quality of this solar speaker is its audio.

And this is why we have it this low on the list. We see its audio as the only stand-out quality.

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