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Its a new year....sort of.

You might have new resolutions and look forward to new beginnings. 

With all those new resolutions and new beginnings comes new purchases, so why not get an outdoor speaker and prepare yourself for upcoming parties or events.

This post is an in-depth article on outdoor speakers (obviously) where we give the pros and cons of each speaker. In addition, we have also separated this post into 4 different sections.

One talking about outdoor speaker sets, environmental speakers, Bluetooth speakers, and patio speakers. The reason why we split them up by category is because it's hard to compare a Bluetooth speaker to a speaker which looks like a rock. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Speaker sets actually look like speakers the first time you set your eyes on them. We also decided to separate them by sections because people love to put objects into categories. A plus to separating the speakers is it makes it easier to navigate.

One common complaint of outdoor speakers is trying to install them. To make people's lives easier, we provided an outdoor speaker installation guide.  This will make it easier to install these bad boys during the summer. Be warned though, that guide is not something you can skim over. There are a lot of small details which will add up to many problems if you don't understand every detail.

You're probably wondering how we rated each speaker. Well, there are 3 qualities we look for in each speaker.

1. Audio

This is the first quality because who wants to buy a speaker if it doesn't sound good. That's the only purpose it should serve. Audio quality can be subjective due to people's preferences, but we curated a list based on audio specifications. By going with the specifications, we're taking an objective route. Nobody can argue with what a manufacturer has built-in to the speaker.

Another quality we look for as far as audio goes is versatility. 

Does it have deep bass? Can it carry a high-pitch without hurting ears? 

Both these questions have the mindset of what we think a consumer would ask. Because if you're not satisfying users then the entertainment won't be good.

2. Durability

When you buy a product, wouldn't you want it to last? This is another part of user experience we've taken into account. Especially because of the product we're talking about.

Outdoor speakers are put through the test even when you think it's not. Some obvious conditions are rain, snow, or heat. But even when the weather is "perfect", you still have to worry about corrosion and dirt creeping into your audio equipment.

3. Features

Both audio and durability can be part of features but this quality is dedicated for those smaller features which don't fit under each category. Something as small as a speaker having an auxillary cable as part of the package or battery life fit this category.

The whole point of bringing this section into the fold is giving potential users a whole view of what they're getting.

These 3 qualities are the core tenets of any quality speaker. Any speaker which misses one doesn't qualify for this list. 

Last but not least are the pros and cons. We wrote the pros and cons with the intention of giving you the highlight of each. There might be cases where you wonder why we didn't mention something which should be part of pros, and the reason why is we're just trying to give you the major points.

Outdoor Speaker Sets

Environmental Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers

Patio Speakers

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