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The 9 Best Outdoor TVs of 2019 – Noisylabs

We felt like changing it up a bit for this post.

Instead of focusing on outdoor speakers or audio tips, we wanted to focus on a different product.

Outdoor TVs.

We figured it's still relate-able to to outdoor speakers, but it's a different perspective. Technically, outdoor TVs are outdoor speakers with screens.

Another fact we should point out is outdoor TVs cost way more than outdoor speakers. One of the reasons we wrote this post was to show you why they're priced heavily.

But the main reason we wrote this post was because we want to see what outdoor TVs are made out of.

Not only are we justifying the costs to you, we're justifying the cost to ourselves since we're not familiar with outdoor TVs.

There's much to cover in this post so let's go!

Why Should You Purchase A Outdoor TV?

Outdoor speakers (insert outdoor speaker link tab) are nice to have, but what happens when you pair it up with an outdoor tv?

Now, you'll have a full entertainment center in your backyard or patio. Both outdoor speakers and outdoor TVs compliment each other.

Sometimes the outdoor TV works fine by itself.

But what if you have a large backyard and throw a party?

Everyone won't be able to hear the TV which is why pairing with outdoor speakers which are located in different areas helps.

The second reason as to why you should consider an outdoor TV is its screen. Do you have a computer or TV that you look at and get annoyed when the glare gets in the way?

Buying an outdoor TV solves that problem. They're equipped with backlighting along with anti-reflective and anti-glare glass enabling you to watch distraction-free. The best outdoor TVs automatically adjusts its backdoor lighting.

Finally, the third reason as to why an outdoor TV is needed is due to its durability. Outdoor TVs are made for more pressure. Whether it's withstanding polarizing temperatures or insects, its versatility for entertainment and durability make it great for entertainment.

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1. SunBrite Outdoor TV 

There are 3 options for this outdoor tv.

These 3 options vary depending where you're going to place your TV.

If you're going to place it in the shade, then you should go with the full shade option (Veranda Series). If you're going to place it in the sun, go with the full sun (Pro Series) option.

The "Signature Series" is when the TV is going to be partially in the sun. Think of this option as the median between the Pro Series option, and the full shade option.

The 3 options provide different sizes. An example of this is the Veranda Series. Its smallest option is 43-inches and its biggest option is 75-inches.

Pro Series' smallest size is 32-inches while its biggest size is 55-inches. Since it's redundant to go over every size of the same TV, we'll focus on one version.

SunBrite's Veranda Series has a 55-inch sized TV ideal for shaded areas outdoors. This makes it ideal for patios or gazebos and is the version we'll review.


When you purchase a SunBrite TV you get speakers firing down instead of speakers coming from the rear.

Those down-firing speakers have 2o watts of power. 

This is better quality because it adds more dimension to the sound dispersion. In addition, you also get to stream using devices. You already know the devices you can use by now. The same culprits are the smartphones, tablets, etc.

Any input device connected with the SunBrite TV will allow you to have full control. SunBrite gives you different ways to connect with it.

There are 3 options for connection. 2 USB ports, 4 HDMI, and 1 component unit. Imagine playing video games outside with this setup.

You already know you'll be getting quality picture because of the HDMI. But you'll also be able to play your music instead of listening to the soundtrack.


The screen of this TV is what separates itself from the rest of the pack. It's a 4k screen with a backlight which delivers crystal-clear picture for the great outdoors.


The Veranda outdoor TV protects against rain, snow, polarizing temperatures, and more. Temperatures it can withstand go from -24 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

It can withstand these temperatures because it comes in a durable aluminum case.

This type of casing makes it compatible for the outdoors, and it's the reason why it can live outdoors.

Its exterior is classified as "powder-coated aluminum." (insert picture)

Powder coating is able to handle high heat levels because of its nature.

Its paint particles are able to hold itself together making it resistant to cracking, peeling, corrosion, and any other type of deterioration.

Since it's not traditional-based painting, you also have the incentive of being environmental-friendly.

Powder coating doesn't have emission problems making it easier to leave outdoors.

 What's even better is the remote control is weatherproof itself. You ever have that problem where the remote always finds itself in random places?

Well fear not, you can place it outdoors without it getting damaged. Just don't throw it in the pool or you'll find your remote in the garbage instead of a random place.

If none of this makes you comfortable, you also have a 1-year warranty. 


The remote control of SunBrite TVs makes it easy to access different features.

The menu button allows you to make adjustments to different settings. Settings like sound, images, and brightness is an option to fix even if you don't have to adjust brightness.

TV dimensions of the SunBrite TV Veranda has a width of about 50 inches and a height of 30 inches. True definition of widescreen entertainment.

Other options that come with this purchase are its accessories. You can either purchase a tilt mount or a fixed mount depending on what you're feeling. Actually, you can also get a "full motion" mount which sounds crazy. But if you want surround sound entertainment (pun intended), this is it.

On top of this you can also get a dust cover with mountable outdoor speakers.


Overall, the Veranda SunBrite TV is a great outdoor TV.

It's up to 50% brighter than an indoor TV which makes the screen glare-free. Nobody wants glare to interfere with what they're watching.

In addition, you also have great sound. 20 watts of down-firing speakers enable a surround sound entertainment experience.

Sometimes high-tech equipment confuses users, but this TV is user-friendly. Inputs are easy to identify and it allows streaming devices allowing you to find a way to connection regardless of what you're using.

Not only do different inputs make it easier to use, but this makes the TV more versatile. Being constrained to one device in 2019 is criminal.

What makes this purchase an investment is its 1-year warranty alongside its durability factor. It'll handle crazy weather and you don't have to worry about it not working the next day. The icing on the cake is the remote being weatherproof also.

Who knows how many times we almost lost a remote because we didn't want to leave it there. All of these reasons are why the SunBrite TV is on top. There's no other TV we would put #1.

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2. Skyvue Outdoor TV


Comparable to the SunBrite TV, the Skyvue also has 20 watt speakers. They're clean, crisp, and strong. 

If that's not enough for you to get excited, consider Skyvue offers additional accessories for sound. You can purchase an additional speaker bar or marine-grade speakers if you need to.

The optional sound bar gives you an extra 40 watts of power. Perfect for those with a large outdoor space.


This smart TV is built for the outdoors because of its LED brightness. It's twice as bright as a regular TV making it perfect for shady, or partially shaded areas.

Its LED video panel comes with 600 nits. Resolution on this bad boy comes to 3840 x 2160 which comes to a 4k solution. That's top of the line for screen pictures. 

Top its 4k resolution with a backlighting and you won't get any glare for sure. What's even more special about this screen is it comes with HDR technology. This heightens contrast and depth of color for entertainment.


Durability on the Skyvue TV meets all standards. It's an all weather-proof TV dedicated to staying outdoors. 

Its rustproof powder-coated aluminum body uses stainless hardware to ensure your TV remains the same. Whether it's winter or summer, the condition of the Skyvue TV will make it look brand new.

Its sealing ensures it keeps out water, rain, snow, insects, humidity, and more. 

The TV itself has an IP rating of 55 which is the global standard for particle protection. Similar to SunBrite TV, the TV has protection for temperature ranges which go from -24 degrees to 104 degrees.


There are some noticeable extras compared to the SunBrite TV. The first note-worthy one is the TV comes in 5 different sizes. The highest size you can purchase it at is 75 inches.

Second, is it has a 2-year warranty with purchase, but that's not all. You also get 5 different color options. Other outdoor entertainment vendors only offer 2-3 colors.

Besides its aesthetic is its technology.

Its classified as a smart TV for multiple reasons, but one of them is because its compatibility. It's compatible with smart speakers such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa. 


The Skyvue TV is an all around TV. It has everything you'd want in an outdoor TV. From its audio to its screen, there is no noticeable weakness to this TV.

It has speakers which go to 20 watts and a screen made for the highest resolutions. 

You also get a 2-year warranty, and the TV already has great protection because of its frame. It has the fundamentals of a great entertainment system, and the extra features is icing on the cake.

The compatibility with smart speakers is one example of those cool features. 

In our opinion, there's no clear winner between this one and the SunBrite TV. Both are worth a serious look.

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3. Suera Shade Series Weatherproof Outdoor TV

Suera is all about mirrors and TVs.

Interesting product lines that come from Suera are smart mirrors and indoor waterproof TVs.

If you have no idea what a smart mirror is, welcome to the club. Before we even heard of the term, imagining something like this is the definition of the future.

A smart mirror is like a smartphone, but it's a mirror. It can function as a control hub where you can control security cameras, lighting, and more.

Other functions it's capable of is handling day-to-day tasks. Imagine waking up while brushing your teeth and checking your email at the same time. You're basically on your computer the first thing in the morning.

Enough of their other products. Let's talk about their outdoor TV.


The Suera Shade Series comes with something the outdoor TVs don't have.

Its audio engineers installed a soundbar projection audio to the audience. Its front-facing speakers have 50 watts which is stronger than the usual 20 watts the other outdoor TVs provide.

You also have the option for 60 watts which is a 2-channel TV-powered amplifier.

All of the audio inputs have a cable size of 3.5mm. One exception is the "speaker level out" which has a 2 piece Phoenix type terminal.

In comparison to the TVs before this, there isn't much connectivity. Whether it's through smart speakers or streaming devices, Suera outdoor TVs do neither. 

If it weren't for that fact, then we would've ranked it higher. Connectivity is a huge factor because it's linked to overall entertainment and audio.


You get 3 different flavors for screen size if you're considering this series. The smallest size is 55 inches and the largest is 75 inches.

The screen resolution is 4k which makes it quality. Its display brightness is 450 nits and its display resolution is 3840 x 2160.


If you're in severe environment conditions, then this TV is a suitable item to consider purchasing. 

It can handle temperatures from -24 degrees to 104 degrees. Anything higher than 104 degrees causes internal components to melt. And by internal components we mean circuits boards, wires, and solder joints. All 3 are vital for operating the TV.

You know a product is serious about a feature once they trademark something. That trademark is "Triple-Lock Seal."

It acts as a barrier to ice, dust, moisture, and more. The operating humidity range is 20-80% non-condensing. Meaning, if the humidity is at, or between these ranges, then your TV won't be in condensation.

On top of this you also get an IPX rating of 54. It's not better than Skyvue, but it's still worthy.


We talk about anything when we reach the "extras" section. But what we want to do is talk about the remote control for the Seura Shade Series.

Besides the usual remote settings like volume or channels, you can also control backlighting and audio.

Included in that audio settings changer is a five-band graphic equalizer. 

There are a lot of changes you can make to the settings. Being able to customize your preferences makes it ideal for any user.


The Suera Shade Series outdoor TV is definitely worth a look. We would say its best quality is its audio, mainly due to its projecting speakers.

In addition to its speakers, its wattage power is the best one yet on this list.

Everything else we would consider good. From durability to its extra features, everything is solid from a quality standpoint.

It'll hold up in severe weather and its screen is at the highest definition.

Everything you're looking for in an outdoor TV is here, what else do you need?

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4. Mirage Vision Outdoor TV

Mirage is a company which started in 2004 which had televisions built in China at first.

Then they realized, to compete, they need their manufacturing done in the states. Now their use of name brand on TVs/displays lets them use the research & development department of brands like Samsung.

This lets Mirage hone in on areas which need improvement.

For example, they partnered with Samsung to give a new facelift for their residential TVs for outdoor use.

Mirage also has multiple product lines. Besides outdoor TVs, you also have outdoor theaters, TV cabinets, accessories and more.

Their mission is to produce the best products for outdoor TVs. With their colored series of outdoor TVs, you can expect other variations of the outdoor TV to come out.

Having an R&D department at your disposal means you're constantly tweaking to make something better.


The speakers for the Mirage Vision Outdoor TV averages 62 watts of power. Of course, the wattage power depends on the TV size. But it also depends on the brand Mirage partnered with.


​The screen of this outdoor TV has a 4k resolution. It's about 50 inches wide and almost 30 inches in height.

Its brightness comes at 600+ NITS and also has back light modulation technology.

​Looking at these features, it's hard to imagine any glare getting into your television. What also needs to be looked at is its refresh rate.

For those who are unaware, refresh rate is a statistic to determine how often a TV changes images. The faster a TV changes images, the better it looks.

And the refresh rate for the Mirage Vision TV goes for 240 Hz which translates to 240 frames per second.

This TV is visually appealing thanks to its resolution. But it can also be attributed to the number of colors it can portray, or its dynamic contrast ratio.

Screenplay for this TV is the main reason we wanted this TV on the list.


​​​​A unique feature of this television is its adjustable membrane. It's used as cover to protect the inputs and outputs of the TV.

The highest temperature it can get pushed to is 145 degrees. Similar to other speakers on here, it can also withstand sub-zero temperatures.

Both the cabinet and TV are protected with a waterproof sealant. This makes it so you don't have to worry about any water leaking into your TV. The worst part about that is, if water does get into your system, there are instances where you don't realize it until it's too late.

On top of the water sealant is a type of nano coating called "KryptoShield." KryptoShield protects internal components from various conditions. It protects against bugs, dust, or moisture which all have something in common. The commonality between them is all 3 are hard to detect.

Relying on your eyesight isn't the best move. Having KryptoShield acts as a hedge for conditions we can't see ourselves.

Weatherproof details also include housing cabinets and cover for rear guard breath vents. Protecting internal components is something Mirage TVs take seriously.

Even the TV remote is weather-resistant. And if you buy a Mirage TV, you also get a cover for the TV which you can put on when you're not using it.


As we've mentioned ourselves, Mirage TV isn't an actual TV brand. What they do is take other TV brands' products and make it better under outdoor conditions.

All they do is take indoor TVs and make them outdoor TVs. 

Most of the brands Mirage partners with have smart TV proprietary technology. A smart TV has apps like Netflix, YouTube, and more.

What's disappointing is the lack of Bluetooth capability. Most, if not all outdoor entertainment should have Bluetooth technology. Especially a smart TV.

The best warranty policy we've had on this list is 2 years. A sad part about Mirage TVs is their policy only goes up to 1 year.

Smaller details which forced us to rank it lower include its high dynamic range and dynamic contrast ratio. Without getting into technical detail, both high dynamic range and dynamic contrast ratio make watching TV better.

Dynamic range gives multiple benefits. The first benefit is you get a better color palette on your TV. For example, if you have grass on your TV, it isn't just green. You'll have bright green.

Another benefit to having high dynamic range is it brings more contrast to viewers. Phrases like "eye-popping", "breathtaking", or "real-life" are applied to TVs with this quality.

The only way you get both qualities is if you go for the higher-quality TVs. We wish it was part of all the outdoor TVs Mirage offers, but it doesn't.


Mirage TVs have a lot of sizes and brands which make it versatile.

Although this can be an advantage, it can also be looked at as a disadvantage because every TV manufacturer is different.

One consistent fact is you'll always get top-notch durability from any of their products. Since they're niche is converting indoor TVs to outdoor TVs, this makes sense.

Overall, you'll be getting a quality TV. With many different selections though, it's hard for them to be consistent in other features.

Some TVs don't come with the extra features like the dynamic range or contrast we're used to. And this is why we've placed it here.

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5. Cosmos Outdoor TV

The Cosmos brand is all about TVs and mirrors.

If you go on their site and check what products they offer, these 2 types of products make the majority.

They also make it more interesting by offering smart mirrors.

A lot of their pride as a brand comes from delivering the best all-around outdoor TV possible. Cosmos emphasizes audio, screens, and durability.

All 3 of these qualities are the main pillars consumers look for which is why Cosmos puts most of their resources into. 

Let's find out how Cosmos distinguishes these qualities. 


​There are 3 options for speaker sets for the Cosmos outdoor TV. The first option you get is the SoundWave Concert. If you purchase this set you get a left/right speaker set.

Both these speakers come with a 10-inch pole with a subwoofer included. A control box comes with this speaker set which allows you to change the audio settings. ​​​But this set should be considered the "starter" set.

​Let's talk about the second option.

One obvious addition you get with the SoundWave Theater is more speakers. In addition to side speakers, you get a center speaker which balances the side speakers out.

But you also get "main" speakers. If you look at pictures from their site, the main speakers look like side speakers. The biggest difference is the main speakers are bigger than the side speakers. All of this comes with the main speaker package alongside a bigger subwoofer.

If you want to go all out, then we recommend getting the SoundWave Cylinder package.The biggest difference with these speakers is you can place them anywhere outdoors. 

​This package doesn't come with side speakers or main speakers, it's all cylinder speakers. But that's all you need. A cylinder speaker comes with 2 built-in speakers, a tweeter, and reliable mounting.

​The only caveat is if you don't know where to put them. Having the right dimensions in your outdoor space makes all the difference no matter what kind of speakers you have.

Before we finish this section we can't forget about the TV speakers. Engineers who designed the speakers had an interesting take. They placed downward-firing speakers, but the sound reflects off curved steel reflectors projecting outwards. 

This makes it easier for the audience to hear. A downfall of the TV speakers is its volume. Whenever you play it to its max, you have distortion. 

Not a good sign for an entertainment piece.


​A big reason why we put this TV in this position is due to its screen. We know outdoor TVs have to over-compensate for the environment their in, but this TV lets the over-compensation affect performance.

One example of this is when you're looking at the color. It doesn't look high-def, instead, it looks watered-down. Sort of dull.​​​

Similar to other TVs on this list it also has 4k definition. It's meant for the anti-glare and also has non-reflective glass.

The biggest problem we have with this outdoor TV is the contrast ratio. Everything from the size to its image processor works fine.


​​​​Now here's a unique feature. Cosmos has an autonomous system designed to cool or heat itself up when it needs to.

For example, if it's too hot, it'll cool itself. When it's too cold, it'll heat itself up. It feels out the temperature outside and adjusts. This makes it convenient for the user. Imagine trying to keep an eye out for the temperature all the time?

Not only would that be annoying, but it can make you paranoid also.

When we mentioned the speakers above, we forgot to mention how it's stainless steel. Both the speakers and the TV itself have stainless steel and is rust-resistant.

Another feature is it's scratch-resistant. It can also withstand temperatures from -30 degrees to temperatures of 100+.

Durability is, in our opinion, the strongest selling point for the Cosmos outdoor TV.


Do you hate it when you have multiple remotes? 

One for the volume control and one for on-demand TV. But why can't all the controls be on 1 remote? Sometimes you can't find 1 remote, what more if you have 2 remotes you have to look for.

And plus, no one wants to get up for the other remote.

The Cosmos outdoor TV is also packaged as a smart TV. The kicker is the TV comes with a separate Android TV box to make it a smart TV. Usually, when a TV is considered smart, all the smart features come with the TV. There's no need for a separate box.

This is the reason why it comes with 2 remote controls. One is for the regular TV while the other remote is used for Android TV features.


The one redeeming feature of this project is its durability.

Both its screen and speakers have one negative you can say about it. But it's all about perception.

If you don't pump the TV to its maximum volume, then this con won't bother you. In fact, this makes this product a better fit for you.

Also, if color definition doesn't bother you either, the Cosmos TV will work out for you. Everything else about this TV excels, including its SoundWave sets or its durability.

If it were to excel in its screen definition or its maximum volume, then we would rank this higher.

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6. Sealoc Outdoor TV

There are 3 types of outdoor TVs for Sealoc.

They all vary depending on what type of durability you need.

The first version in the product line is called the "Lanai Family." This version is meant for undercover situations. If you have an outdoor patio or a little kiosk area, this is perfect.

It can withstand high humidity and high heat which makes it ideal for beach houses. Any area which has salt-air makes this TV a candidate for placement.

Whoever is looking for a low-cost version of an outdoor TV should look at this. It's weather-resistance makes it a safe choice.

The second version worth mentioning is the "Coastal Family" TV. If you're looking for a TV which you can place and forget, look no more.

You can place this TV right next to the pool and not worry about a thing. Similar to the Lanai Family, both versions have nano-coating for outdoor protection.

The difference with the second version is it has more protection allowing it to stand against constant heavy rain. We like to review products which we see our audience using.

The problem here is we can see our audience using both of these products. And since this is the case, we'll review the Coastal Family edition. We believe it's more practical for our audience.


The wattage power of this TV is 20 watts. A good litmus test to see whether a TV has good sound or not is to test its frequency range.

With these speakers, you hit every frequency range. 

The bass is deep without additional subwoofers, and its mids and highs are rich. 


Within the Coastal edition, you have 3 different versions.

If you pick the "Coastal Gold" edition you'll have 7 different sizes. And the 7th edition depends on what size you want. The smallest size you can get is a 40-inch TV.

Both the Coastal Gold and Coastal Silver have 4k resolution. The third version (Coastal Bronze) has 1080p HD resolution. All 3 versions have a slim, elegant design. Sealoc is known for having crystal-clear definition, and with this type of resolution, we know why.

All 3 of the screens have bright and vivid pictures helping it fight against any potential glare.


The special sauce for the Coastal edition is its nano-coating.

Before, nano-coating was limited to exclusive industries like the space or military industries.

With the nano-coating abilities, it'll hold up against high humidity, salt-air, and deals with extreme temperatures. Nano-coating acts as a barrier from cold or hot temperatures.

For all the internal components, nano-coating conforms to it so no chip or circuit is exposed.

If you were to place water on a circuit board with nano-coating, you'll notice the water form into drops. It's like water going onto plastic.

To make sure nano-coating works, there are 2 tests it has to pass. It has to pass both Sealoc's internal tests and third party tests.

The hardware protection has another type of coating. Sealoc uses a stable UV material to match the TV's color which makes it hard to notice. In addition, you also get nano-technology and a special fabric to protect your speakers.

Sealoc also provides a cover to protect electrical wires or media inputs.

If we're looking at all of this from a whole perspective, you have both your internal components and hardware protected. Sealoc doesn't give an inch when it comes to compromising durability.


The coastal edition comes as a smart TV. 

Whenever you have a smart TV, you expect 2 built-in functions. Apps and Wi-Fi.

With the Wi-Fi, you can surf the browser with your remote like you're using your laptop. With the Wi-Fi capabilities, you can stream shows, games, movies, and more.

There are also multiple outlets you can connect through.

The connective technology you have are the USB and HDMI. It also includes the the Wi-Fi and ethernet if we're including all the technology. 


The best quality you get with a Coastal TV is durability.

You can be rest assured Sealoc won't fail you in this department. Second quality in terms of rankings is its frequency range. The frequency range is its second best quality.

If speakers have clear audio with deep bass, then we consider it quality audio.

These 2 qualities are its stand-out features. Having smart TV capabilities and having 4k resolution is common amongst these outdoor TVs that it's not worth mentioning as a stand-out feature.

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7. LG SK9500


If there were 2 words to descirbe this outdoor TV, we would say "well-balanced."

It won't jump out at you with its bass, but it'll provide you with some thump. When we measured it, the result came in at 80db which describes what kind of thump you'll be getting..

Besides it bass, its treble and mids aren't outstanding, but they're good enough to entertain. We know nobody wants to hear mediocre, but it's the truth regarding the LG SK9500.

Playing the LG at maximum volume causes some distortion, but it's to be expected when your TV reaches a high volume. 

We mentioned how these speakers come in at 80db, well, compared to the industry standard, that's about average. 


The picture quality of this outdoor TV isn't great.

One feature we don't like is its "local dimming." The responsibility of this feature is to do dim bright areas of the TV. It fails when the algorithm doesn't do its job.

For example, when we look at a TV and there is a bright spot, the dark shades are suppose to cover the bright spots. The only problem with this process is it's not fluid and the job isn't the best.

It's like having a janitor, but they're not good at their job and they use the wrong tools.

What's even more concerning is its color contrast ratio. The only way we know this is because its black looks a little greyish. Imagine the different colors of green, blue, and red. Combining the color spectrum skews the visual representation of what you're watching.

In addition, its refresh rate comes in at 120Hz and it has a 4k resolution screen. At this point though, every outdoor TV has 4k resolution so there isn't much to really dive into here.


The stand of this TV is sturdy and curved. If you were to test it out by playing with it though, it might push your TV off. This isn't what you want to hear when it comes to durability but it's the truth.

Looking at the LG SK9500 and you'll notice how slim it is. It isn't built for the toughest terrains, but there are no direct weak spots in its build. 


LG TVs work with the LG operating system. 

It has built-in apps like YouTube and Netflix. There are a lot of apps to choose from which is a good problem to have. Most people only stick to the same 3-5 apps anyways.

But if you're interested in more apps, the LG app store has more choices.

Unlike other TVs on this list, there's no need for dual remotes. One remote gets the job done. 

Instead of having to go to the app section to select YouTube, you can use the remote's voice control to access it.  On top of using voice control, you can ask basic questions like you're using Google, but instead of typing it in, you can use your voice to ask questions.


The LG SK9500 is average at its sound quality but lacks in durability. Its frequency range doesn't stand out on either range. Where it stands out is how balanced it can be.

If its durability were better, we'd rank this higher, but we didn't have much to say about it besides its build.

The coolest part about this TV is its extra features. Having the remote control do many functions is convenient for the user. It's also great how many apps LG provides.

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8. Vizio P Series Quantum


The wattage power of the P Series is 10 watts for each speakers. This gives it a total of 20 watt speakers.

Its weak point is its bass. Similar to other outdoor TVs on this list, its bass is passable, but it doesn't add to the entertainment experience.

Much of the sound quality shines in its mid/upper range. If you turn on Spotify and listen to an artist, make sure it's someone like Ariana Grande whose music focuses on her high vocals.

Don't play a genre with a lot of bass like hip-hop. Pop music is more this TV's range.

If you're not satisfied with its default sound, you can always purchase an extra soundbar with an additional subwoofer.

Some would say soundbars won't matter because of its rear-firing speakers, but we disagree.

Adding more sound increases wattage which causes more sound waves to reverberate. But we agree rear-firing speakers aren't the best placement. 

It's when speakers project onto the audience which are the best entertainment devices.


Its 4k/HDR setting make watching Netflix a movie experience. Combine that with its Dolby vision and you have clear contrast with a wide color spectrum.

Beware though, you might need to turn down the settings because it can become too bright at times.

This excess in contrast and brightness is a luxury. Older TVs can't change its settings to the degree this TV can. And if you have a problem with its settings, just dial it down a bit. 

Besides being hurtful to your eyes at times, there are 2 clear advantages.

The first is you don't have to worry about glare. Not having to worry about nuisances like this make a consumer grateful. Another reason the brightness is an advantage is because it delivers better quality.

Movies and TV shows are better because of the crispness they display.


This TV can't hold up as well as the other outdoor TVs. You will have to go out of your way to make sure it's protected.

What's even more troubling is its input/output section. Having to put cables leaves room for exposure. Exposing your cables is a recipe for disaster for 2 reasons.

The first is people can trip over them, and the second reason is they'll rot over time from the weather. It doesn't matter what type of weather it is. Hot or cold will yield unwanted results.

Being able to mount this TV on a wall is a redeeming factor. If it weren't for this, this TV wouldn't be on this list. Mounting your TV on the wall also has the indirect benefit of making your cables seen so it's less likely for people to get entangled.

Another drawback of this TV is its remote is plastic. Not what you're looking for if you want weatherproof material. You'll have to go out of your way to protect this remote from damage too.


A standout feature of this TV is SmartCast.

It isn't the best smart feature on this list, but it provides great value.

This feature lets you see new apps from Vizio or other partners. Built-in features include Netflix, Chromecast, and voice assistants like Alexa.

If you don't have Spotify on your TV, you can also stream using your device. It doesn't matter whether it's an iPhone or an Android.


The best part of this TV is its screen quality. Everything else from its durability to its smart features are average.

And to be honest, it's risky to put this TV outdoors. Don't try it unless you have an outdoor location with a roof covering it.

This TV is a standard modern TV. You can be entertained multiple ways with its apps and its streaming abilities.

Just be wary of where you plan to put it.

outdoor tv

9. Sony X900F


Depending how selective you are with sound quality, this sound system can go from "below-average" to "well-balanced."

The speakers have a high volume but there isn't much to its bass. It's recommended you supplement the speakers with a soundbar if you want bass.

Good news is normal TV volume won't produce distortion for you. But if you go to the max with it, then expect a lot of distortion. 


The picture quality to this TV is good. 

There's not much to complain about regarding color contrast. Playing high-def movies on this TV is something you won't regret. There are 2 other reasons as to why the picture quality is great.

The first reason is its SDR. Its brightness makes picture pop out without making everything too bright. The second reason is the screen itself works great against glare.

Compared to the other TVs on this list, the Sony X900F's local dimming works better. In some cases, depending on your settings, it gets too aggressive dimming.

But if you're a user, you'd rather have an algorithm over-extend itself rather than have weaknesses because you can adjust the settings.

Whether you're playing a DVD or streaming, you get 4k quality. In addition, it has 1080p for picture quality. A TV which can adjust itself combined with great default picture quality is a great product.


When engineers designed this build they went with all plastic. 

This build isn't great for outdoor weather. You need to have some sort of cover if you're going to put this outdoors. We would recommend putting this on a wall-mount because of its weight.

If someone were to bump into it, there's a chance it can fall over.

To help moderate its temperature, the TV has 2 vent spots. 1 on the bottom and 1 near the top on the back. Since it's built with plastic, it can't handle the polar extremes of temperature. If the temperature were to get up to 140 degrees, then say your goodbyes because this TV isn't coming back.


Since this is a smart TV, its features include apps and voice assistants. The voice assistant for this is the Google Assistant. And since it has Google Assitant, it's not a surprise it has Android apps.

Its Google Play Store has a lot of options to choose from. Try not to get overwhelmed because there are a lot of options. 

Besides its smart TV capabilities, let's talk about the TV sizes.

The smallest size you can get is 49 inches while the biggest size you can get is 85 inches.


1 aspect we rarely talk about is motion handling. This is what makes TVs great. If it has great motion handling, it'll be a great TV to watch sports, video games, and anything that moves.

Combine its motion handling with its picture quality and your entertainment is complete.

Where we struggle with this TV is its durability. How's it going to handle bad weather?

If you live in an area with rough seasons, then don't get this TV. Even if you have cover and mount it to the wall, don't do it.

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