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The 5 Best Outdoor Ceiling Speakers – Noisylabs

The advancement in audio technology has brought us ceiling speakers. Ceiling speakers are now an affordable luxury that you can install outdoors to extend the musical reach within your household, or workplace.

In this article, we're reviewing the 5 best outdoor ceiling speakers available on the market to help you find the perfect match for your needs and budget.

Polk Audio RC80i Round Speakers

Polk Audio Rc80i

The RC80i Round Speakers have your back whether you're looking to enjoy your daily dose of music, or enhance your home theater system.

These speakers are a 2-way class option, utilizing an 8-inch dynamic balance polymer-composite cone woofer and a mid-bass driver coupled with a 1-inch metallic soft-dome tweeter. They deliver an impressive range of balanced sound, complete with a 15-degree swivel so you can angle the audio projection in any direction.

The RC80i outdoor in-ceiling speakers are made from durable materials that are also water-resistant, which makes them highly suitable for outdoor use. Moreover, they're easy to install and blend in the background seamlessly.


  • Well-balanced sound range
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Sleek, low-profile design
  • Great value for money


  • Lacking bass

Micca M-8C in-Ceiling Speaker

best in-wall speakers

If you're on a tight budget, you may want to consider an affordable option such as the Micca M-8C in-Ceiling Speaker. But, you may need to install more than just 2 units outdoors depending on your house layout.

The M-8C is a reliable 2-way class speaker with a dedicated combination of an 8-inch woofer and a 1-inch tweeter to give you a full-bodied and vibrant audio experience. It offers great flexibility when it comes to the frequency response, so you'll find it reliable whether you're looking for subtle soundscapes, or booming bass.

As for installation, the Micca M-8C offers a hassle-free operation that only requires a screwdriver for quick mounting. You can also paint these speakers to further blend in with the color of the walls.


  • Impressive driver combination
  • Simple installation 
  • Budget-friendly


  • The grill tends to get loose

Yamaha NS-IW280CWH in-Ceiling Speaker System

Yamaha NS IW280

Diving into the 3-way class side of the spectrum, the Yamaha NS-IW280CWH in-Ceiling Speaker System had to be part of our list. Unlike their 2-way model of 140 watts maximum input, this set clocks in at 100 watts maximum input.

The construction of these speakers shows outstanding quality as the cones are made from a premium blend of polypropylene and mica. They produce a well-balanced audio profile supported by Yamaha's SoundMax technology. The dampening surrounds deliver untainted mids and lows, while the ¾-inch dome tweeter is capable of handling the pressure of the highs.

The Yamaha NS-IW280CWH outdoor in-ceiling speakers aren't difficult to install. They have a swivel mount to allow for efficient sound dispersion. The drawback here is that it lacks moisture resistance, so, be careful not to place them close to an outdoor jacuzzi.


  • 3-way driver class
  • Impressive sound coverage
  • Compact design
  • Patented SoundMax technology 


  • No moisture resistance 

Acoustic Audio R191 in-Ceiling Speaker Set

Acoustic Audio R191 in-Ceiling Speaker Set

If you're looking for exceptional value for money, check out the R191 in-Ceiling Speaker Set by Acoustic Audio. It includes 5 individual speakers, perfect for budget shoppers.

For less than the average cost of two 3-way drive speakers, Acoustic Audio offers you five cheap and decent 2-way class speakers. Each one houses a 5.25-inch woofer and a 12mm soft dome tweeter. 

The construction of the speakers is impressive. It uses high rigidity propylene with butyl rubber surrounds. Moreover, they're water-resistant for extra durability when placed outdoors.

The R191 outdoor ceiling speakers come with a handy cut-out template and an integrated locking mechanism to make installation a breeze. The low-profile design allows the speakers to practically disappear.


  • Water-resistant materials
  • Integrated locking mechanism 
  • Set of 5 units
  • Incredible value for money


  • Not the clearest sound

AmazonBasics 6.5-inch in-Ceiling Speakers

AmazonBasics 6.5-inch in-Ceiling Speakers

The AmazonBasics in-Ceiling Speakers are a basic, yet functional option that falls at the lower end of the price spectrum. The straightforward design features a 6.5-inch composite woofer and a 1-inch tweeter ring, offering an OK sound quality that's not particularly exciting.

As for the speakers' performance across frequency ranges, it's decent for its cost, but the mid-ranges are muddy. The installation of these top-rated outdoor speakers is simple with its minimalist design. It blends in with any decor once you paint the grill. 


  • Good for commercial use
  • Minimalist design
  • Very affordable 


  • Disappointing audio quality 

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Ceiling Speakers

Here are a few aspects to consider before making a purchase to ensure you're getting the best possible deal for your needs:

  • Sound quality - whether it's for business or pleasure, finding good sound quality is the top priority when shopping for outdoor ceiling speakers. 

If you're buying a single unit, make sure it's capable of producing stereo sound to achieve the best possible listening experience. However, if you're buying in pairs, you'll need to set them up strategically as they're almost always mono.

  • Speaker size - Typically, cone sizes of outdoor in-ceiling speakers range between 3 and 8 inches. The larger the speaker, the higher the quality of sound, especially if we talk bass. However, if your main concern is blending in the speakers with the decor, then going for smaller options may be a better idea.
  • The number of required speakers - as a rule of thumb, 1 speaker should be enough to cover a 14×14-foot area. An area larger than  40×40 feet will need 2 speakers to provide dynamic coverage.

Wrap Up

Choosing the best outdoor ceiling speakers gets confusing with the different specs and prices floating around. This is why we made sure to include only the top-rated outdoor in-ceiling speakers in terms of value and performance.

That being said, we recommend the Micca M-8C in-Ceiling Speaker when it comes to durability and quality of sound. But, if you want something to keep your wallet intact, then the Acoustic Audio R191 in-Ceiling Speaker Set should be right up your alley!

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