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Have you recently moved into a new place with a trickier layout? Maybe you’ve always had your speakers on a low shelf, but your new puppy keeps trying to climb them. Or, perhaps you’re simply wondering why audiophiles keep raving about wall-mounted speakers.

Every kind of speaker besides tower speakers gives you a better sound if it’s wall-mounted. Here are the 5 best heavy-duty speaker wall mounts along with some other handy tips.

VideoSecu Side-Clamping BookShelf-Speaker Wall-Mount -

Best Bookshelf-Speaker Wall Mount & Our Top Pick

This comes with a pair of side-clamping speaker mounts. It’s ideal for larger speakers, especially those without mounting holes like plastic or wood speakers. You can adjust each clamp from 5.3 to 11 inches.

This mount is made of heavy-duty steel construction with a wall plate cover. It fits speakers up to 13 inches deep, 11 inches wide, and 33 lbs heavy. It also comes with a user manual and standard mounting hardware.

VideoSecu One Pair of Side Clamping Bookshelf Speaker


  • Easy to install
  • Swivels 360 degrees
  • Tilts 10 degrees up or down


  • Slightly pricier

WALI Dual-Speaker Wall-Mount Brack​​​​ets - 

Best for Lightweight Speakers

These sleek mounts were made for stud, concrete, brick, or stone walls. They fit speakers with a back panel that has a single-threaded screw hole. They’re versatile enough to work for TV antennas and sound bars as well.

They come with a durable inner metal construction and isolation pads for vibration-free mounting. The two-hole design makes installation easier. They also come with a user manual, a mounting hardware kit, and a 10-year warranty.

WALI Dual Speaker Wall Mount Brackets Multiple Adjustments for Bookshelf


  • Swivels 70 degrees left and right
  • Tilts 20 degrees up or down
  • Modern sleek knob design


  • Can’t hold anything over 7.7 lbs

Mount-It! MI-SB03 Quad Brackets - 

Best Surround-Sound Speaker Mount

You can mount these heavy-duty brackets on the wall or on your ceiling. Each mount is made of steel-aluminum alloy and can take up to 33 lbs, making them ideal for heavy speakers. Each mount reaches out 5.5 inches maximum.

They work with one-hole speakers, two-hole speakers, and keyhole speakers. Lock them at your favorite angle or keep them loose if you like to keep tweaking angles. They come with basic installation hardware and instructions.

Mount-It! MI-SB03 Quad Low Profile Heavy Duty, Anti-Theft, Universal


  • Swivel 360 degrees
  • Tilt over 90 degrees up or down
  • Sleek modern design


  • They can sag under heavy speakers

Pyle Speaker Wall Mou​​​​nt - 

Best for Center-Channel and Heavy Speakers up to 110 lbs

This universal mount includes two brackets of reinforced engineered steel. It can take up to 110 lbs, so this monster won’t balk at heavy speakers. If you’re struggling to find a mount suitable for your center-channel speakers, this is an excellent fit.

Pyle promises you can mount it onto any wall or flat surface, although we’re not sure if drywall can handle all that weight. You can adjust each bracket to extend 6.7” to 11.8” inches from the wall.

Pyle Speaker Wall Mount


  • Sturdy mount; doesn’t lag
  • Vibration-free mount
  • Inconspicuous for a streamlined look


  • Included low-quality screws will need to be replaced

Mount-It! Bookshelf-Speaker Wall Mounts - 

Best Surround-Sound Speaker Mount for up tp 55 lbs

This mount is a universal fit for most speakers. It comes with a pair of solid-steel brackets. Each bracket can take a speaker of up to 55 lbs’ weight and 5.4 to 11 inches’ width. It can put your speaker at 11 inches from the wall.

It can be installed on concrete or drywall studs. It can tilt 7.5 degrees up or down and swivel 180 degrees left or right for an optimal listening experience. It comes with front and side clamps on the mount.

Mount-It! Bookshelf-Speaker Wall Mounts -


  • Easily installed
  • Curved and padded speaker base for protection and support
  • Vibration-free, solid, and secure


  • Included screws may be too thick for plugs

Wall-Mount Benefits

Mounting your speakers on the wall comes with three benefits:

Optimal Sound

Proper speaker placement can do wonders for your listening experience. Almost every type of speaker produces a far more superior sound when wall-mounted.

For one thing, wall mounts are designed to ensure sound doesn’t reflect in a way that negatively affects your experience. For another, most speakers give you the best sound when they’re at or slightly above ear level. This is hard to achieve except with wall mounts.

You can also angle wall-mounted speakers differently to direct the sound in the most efficient way possible.


Your precious crawling baby, stain-fingered toddler, and inquisitive furry friends are all adorable hazards to your speakers. Cables and screws can also pose dangers to children and pets. Wall-mounting keeps your tiny humans, furry friends, and valuable equipment safe.

Space-Saving Solution

Maybe your quarters are tight or you like clutter-free floors. Either way, wall-mounting your speakers frees up space and gives you a better sound.

What Speakers Are Best with Wall Mounts?

Generally, tower speakers are the only speakers that aren’t compatible with wall mounts. With the speakers below, wall mounts are ideal:

  • Center-channel speakers
  • Front-channel speakers
  • Surround speakers
  • Height-channel speakers

The Ideal Height

How high off the ground should you place your speaker? Here are the two main height groups.

Center-Channel and Front-Channel Speakers

The closer to ear level the speaker is, the better. This is between three to four feet off the ground. Any higher will sacrifice sound.

If you absolutely have to mount your speakers higher than four feet, mount them upside down.

Surround-Sound Speakers

These speakers are designed to give you a more enveloping sound. Ideally, surround-sound speakers should be higher than ear level, no lower than four feet off the ground. Between four and six feet is best, but you can go up to seven feet off the ground.

Alternatives to Screws

If you’re not too anxious to drill a hole into your expensive speakers, we don’t blame you. Here are two good alternatives.


While almost all speaker mounts come with screws and bolts, many also come with glue or sticker patches you can use instead. Keep in mind, however, that other strong types of glue will make it extremely difficult to unattach your speakers later.

Toggle Bolts

If glue seems too permanent, toggle bolts are your best bet. Sometimes called butterfly anchors, they look deceptively slender but are more powerful than you think. Use them to attach your speaker to the wall mount without drilling any holes into the speaker itself.

Wrap Up

For speakers weighing up to 33 lbs, the VideoSecu Side-Clamping BookShelf-Speaker Wall-Mount is the hands-down winner in its weight category. It swivels 360 degrees, tilts 10 degrees up or down, and even works with speakers that have no mounting holes.

For heavier speakers up to 55 lbs, your best bet is Mount-It! Bookshelf-Speaker Wall Mounts. For center-channel speakers and others between 55 lbs and up to 110 lbs, the  Pyle S​​​​peaker Wall Mount is a beast of a mount that won’t let you down. Happy listening!

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