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Do you actually know what “waterproof” Bluetooth speaker means?

Sometimes, we look at the reviews and ponder the same thing.

Waterproof can mean different things and it can be frustrating for the consumer.

We have a member of Noisylabs who went to Hawaii.

During his trip, he decided to try hiking.

Unfortunately for him, hiking in Hawaii isn’t the same thing as hiking in California.

The first part of his hike was just a steep incline up a paved path.

Reasonable right?

Well, it was reasonable until he went down the mountain.

What entailed was going down a mountain with no carved path.

The only way to go down was by stepping on unstable rocks that looked like they were about to break with ONE wrong move.

Understandably, he was shaken up.

But that wasn’t the best part.

The best part came when he thought he was going to enjoy a nice time in a tide pool.

Oh, boy was he wrong.

Before he went into the pool, he placed his “waterproof” Bluetooth speaker on a little island of rock.

Then he went in for a nice little swim.

Little did he know what was coming next.

While leisurely floating in the pool, casually chatting to others, and applying sunscreen, a small undercurrent came.

When that undercurrent came, he literally got carried away like he was dirt being swept by a broom.

The current was so strong he almost fell off the cliff and into the Pacific ocean.

What resulted was a scar on his knee, a cut on his shoulder blade, and a broke “waterproof” Bluetooth speaker.

Even though he suffered injuries, they didn’t hurt as much as his wallet did.

What was supposed to be “waterproof” broke with only splashes of water on it.

Moral of the story is not to be cautious of where you are (even though that’s obvious), but to actually do research on what is exactly as advertised, and what’s not.

Without further ado, here are the speakers which are exactly as advertised in terms of being waterproof.

Sony SRS-XB41 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

best waterproof bluetooth speakers in 2018

This speaker by Sony is a triple threat.

It’s rustproof, dustproof, and of course, waterproof.

It has an IP67 rating and can be fully submerged in water.

But to fully grasp what this means, let’s explain the rating of IP67 because there’s more to it than meets the eye.

The first number which is 6, in this case, represents how the object deals with solids.

The second number deals with liquids.

Both scales go from 1-8, but what’s more important is the manufacturer gives these ratings leaving room for bias.

One way to counteract this bias is to physically compare products, but what’s the point in that.

The main reason we have reviews is so you don’t have to spend dollars where they don’t count.

A solution to this is to look at the materials the speaker is made out of and do the research from there.

Anyways, back to the rating.

If we take a look at the rating of this speaker, it’s 67.

The 6, in this case, means it’s well protected against solids, particularly dust.

As for the 7, it means for a 30-minute test, the speaker can be submerged up to 15 centimeters-1 meter.

To compare, 1 meter converted to feet is 3 feet.

Perfect for just letting it float right beside you while you swim with it.

Its waterproof abilities also make it great for bringing it in the shower with you.

Anker SoundCore Sport XL Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speaker

best waterproof bluetooth speakers in 2018

Similar to the other speaker, this can also be submerged up to 1 meter.

Another similarity is its IP rating of 67 and it’s shockproof/dustproof capabilities.

One difference between the former and this is its shock resistance.

So if you’re the type to dance hard and accidentally drop it, know that one of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers in 2018 won’t fail you.

And if you actually happen to break it for some odd reason, you get an 18-month warranty with great customer service.

Come to think of it, 18-months is a long time for a Bluetooth speaker, but its great insurance for a speaker that you can use anywhere, in any condition.

Ultimate Ears BLAST Portable Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Speaker

best waterproof bluetooth speakers in 2018

The other 2 are similar and this isn’t an exception.

With an IP67 rating, it can be submerged in water for 30 minutes.

Another addition is its dust-resistance.

But what separates this one from the rest is two features.

One is design.

The other is Alexa.

Its hands-free voice control is great for anybody.

When you ask a question you’re dying to know and can shout it out from across the room…..amazing.

Imagine being stuck on Netflix deciding which movie to pick.

You decide you want to go with a scary movie but don’t know which one?

Ask Alexa (which we’ve done by the way).

Its durability makes it great for hiking mountains or snowboarding across the Colorado mountains.

Also, let’s not forget the shower.

If it can handle up to 1 meter of submersion, it can handle shower water.

JBL Link 20 Waterproof Smart Speaker

best waterproof bluetooth speakers in 2018

This one also has hands-free voice control, but this one is operated by Google assistant.

What makes it great for durability is its foam material with polyester fibers.

Don’t mistake polyester fibers for clothing.

It’s a versatile raw product and it has a lot of different applications.

Some that come to mind off the top of our head is plastic bottles, high strength ropes, and hoses.

All those materials mentioned either contain material or holds something that weighs more than the material holding it.

That lets you know how resistant these speaker’s materials are.

Any small particles can get in, but the foaming is also there to withstand dust or dirt.

There’s a lot of research a person goes through to make a high-end purchase such as this, but let’s not forget, the companies also make a high investment in its materials.

Braven Ready Elite Waterproof Portable Speaker

best waterproof bluetooth speakers in 2018

Are you finally ready for a speaker which differentiates itself from the rest?

If you are, Braven is the correct choice.

With an IP rating of 68, it’s the strongest rating we’ve found.

It’ll endure the elements of dust, debris, and water because it’s built to last.

Another facet is this speaker is also shock-proof.

What separates this speaker from the rest in terms of durability is the material it’s made out of.

“The Ready Elite has cast alloy tie-down points to securely strap it to anything and a drop-proof thermoplastic housing with an aircraft-grade aluminum grille.” 

Obviously, there’s a lot of jargon here that’ll fly over people’s heads.

But to drive our point on how durable this waterproof Bluetooth speaker is, we’ll discuss aircraft-grade aluminum grille.

There are different types of aluminum.

One common concept among the alloy group is there is a trade-off whenever you choose one aluminum over the other.

For example, if you choose one type of aluminum over another, you’ll get the benefit of a strong appearance, but then it’s not good under stress.

Same as clothing for people.

Sure you can be comfortable, but it’s not easy to be comfortable and look great at the same time.

As for the type of aluminum this speaker uses, it’s called “alloy 6061”.

Alloy 6061 is versatile.

Most of the good qualities of alloy 6061 are due to its range of mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

So when you place this bad boy outside during backyard parties, you don’t have to worry about its ugliness.

Another cool feature to one of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers in 2018 is the ability to connect outdoor speakers.

If your party is too loud (which is understandable if you’re a fun-loving person), you won’t be able to hear any music clearly.

But with this Bluetooth speaker, just sync up using Braven’s “TruWireless Technology” on one speaker (left channel), and the other on the right channel and let it fly.

Once it’s up and running, neighbors will start to hate you, but your guests will start to love you.

Never let music be a hindrance at your party.

The sound qualities that make it great are dual passive radiators and twin full range drivers.

Combine this with the design and you get a full-range Bluetooth speaker which plays super bass along with high notes.

Just imagine playing Michael Jackson at your party with his high-pitched voice and one of his heavy-bass playing songs.

How can your party not go crazy?

Kicker Bullfrog BF100 Waterproof Wireless Speaker

best waterproof bluetooth speakers in 2018

What’s cool about the Kicker Bullfrog isn’t just its name, but its design.

With its design, you can have it float next to you in the pool, lake, or ocean if you’re crazy enough (highly wouldn’t recommend).

But don’t worry about it not working because of water.

It has an IP rating of 67 which makes it great against water.

Add the fact that its design has a 360-degree effect and you get a surround sound experience with it also.

Its distance with Bluetooth is also unique.

You can go as far away as a 100 feet and still be playing music at a quality level.

Just another feature which is great if you’re the host running around trying to finish 100 tasks.

Although it does have great durability features and its Bluetooth technology is top-notch, we highly recommend looking for speakers that emphasize sound quality also.

One downfall for this speaker is its low wattage as it only provides 16 watts.

Even though it’s not the lowest, don’t expect it to drown out unwanted noise.

Denon Envaya DSB-250BT

best waterproof bluetooth speakers in 2018

A classy design for a classic looking speaker.

This speaker is not like the other ones on the list because it doesn’t have any fancy design.

And if we’re being honest, “classy” can also mean boring to other people.

But don’t write it off yet because of the design, instead, understand what it does for you on those sunny days when you’re having a swimming pool party.

Its IP67 rating makes it great for lazy days by the pool.

Or, when you have a barbeque and your cousins are doing cannonballs into the pool, this speaker will withstand all the splashing water that’ll be coming at it.

Thanks to its design ironically, its great against water.

What makes it great is all its connectors are covered by a cap.

And all the gaskets are covered by gaps and its chassis is water resistant which means no water can get into the speaker.

Another small feature which makes it great for water is the material of the buttons.

Instead of clicky buttons, you get rubbery panels.

This makes it suitable for water because once water gets on it, it’ll just slide right off similar to a ballon’s surface.

One quirk you can criticize about the buttons is they’re sometimes annoying to press.

Since they’re rubbery, you have to press it hard enough to get the response you want.

This isn’t like indoor speakers where they’re sticking out making it easily accessible.

Nonetheless, its still a great speaker that we’d recommend to anyone who isn’t looking to break the bank, and is instead looking for something which can be by them during the pool.

 Fugoo Style

best waterproof bluetooth speakers in 2018

This speaker can be misconstrued as a small purse if you’re far away enough.

But that’s what happens when you’re trying to change any industry.

If you’re not conforming, you’re standing out.

Although Fugoo is not a well-known brand, it’s making a name for itself with this speaker.

The design is great for water because it can float making it great for trips by the pool, spa, or anywhere with water.

Besides being waterproof, its also great against mud, snow, and shock.

Its design is also great for an all-around sound system.

It provides that 360-degree sound experience.

If you’re looking for a speaker that truly provides a unique experience, this one is it.

This speaker comes with 2 passive radiators, 2 neodymium-magnet aluminum-domed mid-woofers, and 4 neodymium-magnet tweeters.

Just to make sure you’re not lost, neodymium-magnet is one of the strongest magnets on Earth.


“They’re strong because they resist demagnetization and have a high saturation magnetization.”

If you were to play it at full blast with booming bass, the neodymium-magnet helps stabilize everything preventing the bass from loosening up parts.

But none of this is its signature feature.

What makes it different than everything else on here is its battery life.

And when we say it has battery life, we’re not exaggerating.

Speakers usually last less than a day, but this one goes for 40 HOURS at 50% loudness which is insane.

And when it does finally run out, the charge only takes 3.5 hours.

That’s a crazy return on charging time.

For those into the electronic dance scene and weekend festivals, this is great because you can lug it around with you without having to worry about battery.

In addition to its portability is its weight.

It’s only 1 pound.

So carrying it around shouldn’t be a problem.

Fugoo Go

best waterproof bluetooth speakers in 2018

Fugoo Go is another version of the Fugoo Style but its smaller in a lot of ways.

One smaller part of this speaker is its battery life.

It only holds 10 hours of battery life and takes 5.5 hours to fully charge.

While it does provide the 360-degree sound experience, it only provides dual full-range drivers and dual bass radiators.

Compare this to the Fugoo Style’s 4 tweeters and 2 subwoofers, and it’s clear you won’t be getting the same sound experience.

One advantage it has over the Fugoo Style is its price.

Other than that, it’s not the same quality as the Fugoo Style.

UE Roll 2

best waterproof bluetooth speakers in 2018

It seems like every waterproof Bluetooth speaker in 2018 can be submerged up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

And this one is no exception.

Its design is great for any outdoor traveling you’re going to do.

Imagine kayaking in ravenous waves and not having music with you.

Or, running trails in complete silence.

What kind of fun is that?

No fun if you ask us.

A lot of Bluetooth speakers are portable, but what makes this one special is its versatility in portability.

You can strap it to your bike, backpack, and more.

Most Bluetooth speakers are portable but you can’t let it dangle outside your bag.

This is its distinct feature.

Furthermore, if you purchased one with thoughts of bringing it poolside, you can because each Ultimate Ears ROLL 2 comes with an inflatable floatie.

You can’t say that for every other Bluetooth speaker in 2018.

Bose SoundLink Color II

best waterproof bluetooth speaker in 2018

Wrap-around silicone is what this speaker is made of.

This makes it great against water.

If you’re taking it next to the pool, then there’s a high chance it’ll get wet.

But one other facet to this design is it won’t slip when you’re walking around with it around the pool.

The portability combined with the water-resistance design makes it ideal for poolside music.

In addition, at 1.2 pounds, portability makes it easy to bring wherever you want.

And don’t forget, its hands-free control makes it indirectly water-resistant.

To elaborate, imagine being 50 feet away from your speaker.

If we’re laying in the pool relaxing, there’s little to no chance we’d be motivated to get up and configure the speaker.

Because if we were to fix the speaker, we’d have to dry our hands.

With voice-free control, you don’t have to worry about getting the speaker wet.

For other people, this seems like a relief for a minor inconvenience, but it lessens the probability of getting it wet.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to go on a hiking trip, there are features which makes it great for that also.

One of those features is its “soft-touch” surface making it even easier to lug around.

A speaker that combines water-resistance and great portability is ideal for any physical activities you plan on making.

Give it a try if you’re an adventurous person who loves getting wet.




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