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Learning Everything About Music Production With Soundfly – Noisylabs

There are different ways to learn. 

One of the best ways to learn is to have mentors and go at your own pace. This way, you won’t feel the pressure and you can ask specific questions on problems you’re having.

A learning environment that has a fast feedback loop means you will learn faster. This is what Soundfly provides you with.

Soundfly provides awesome courses catering to different topics. You can learn mixing, chords, and how to make beats all in one place!

Let’s take an in-depth look at what you get when a subscription.

Table of Contents

  1. Subscription
  2. Mentorship
  3. Courses
  4. Online Community
  5. Perks
  6. Learning with Soundfly


The best option in our opinion is the monthly subscription. This option goes well for both beginner and experienced musicians.

A whole month gives you enough time to let you decide if the content is good enough for you to learn. You can cancel at anytime so you’re not obligated towards a contract unless you go for the yearly subscription.

It offers:

  • Unlimited course access
  • Online community
  • Perks

Although it’s not included in the subscription package, the mentorship offer is invaluable. It provides everything the subscription package does besides a mentor.

Mentorship (separate from subscription) 

Finding a good mentor is a tough task. But, if you have the ability to find a quality mentor, it’s worth its weight.

The time to find one organically takes too much time. No one wants to take someone under their wing who isn’t proven. You’ll have to prove yourself and show how much you “want it”.

With Soundfly’s courses, you get experts in different areas of music production. Just click on one of the courses and you’ll find out for yourself.

For example, look at the “Faders Up 1: Modern Mix Techniques”.

Looking at the mentors in this course you’ll see top sound engineers and mixers. This includes grammy winners who’ve worked with big artists. 

The most important part is you can check their work just by using Google. The search results are their resume.

Every course is designed to make the student well-rounded in the specific area. For example, not only do you get sound engineers in this course, but, the course is led by creative producers like Nyle Emerson who has a proven track record in the music industry.

His resume includes working as an engineer, video artist, and emcee. One underrated part about having a mentor is their network. If you have the talent, mentors might be able to get you a head start in the industry by connecting you with artists to work with. 

Having 1-1 mentorship sessions means you get to ask anything you want. Someone who’s dedicated on making it in the industry will find this invaluable. Mentors not only provide feedback, but they can also help you get in the right rooms.

Having the right connections is just as important as having the skills. 

The mentorship program includes:

  • 1:1 mentorship
  • Weekly feedback
  • Lifetime access to course content
  • Slack community group


Subscribers get unlimited access to all the courses. What’s so appealing about this is the different topics they provide. Soundfly covers a range of topics in-depth and all their courses include tutorial videos with tests and other materials to make sure you absorb everything.

Their courses cover:

  • Production
  • Writing
  • Playing music
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Monetization


Subscribing to Soundfly will give you the template to jumpstart your career in music. It gives you the roadmap to go from zero to monetization. But, subscribing gives you another advantage that’s priceless, online communities.

Online Community 

A community you can talk to is a big plus when learning. Sometimes you won’t be able to get in contact with your mentor.

Online communities help you with questions you might have. It also gives you a way to connect with peers who are on the same journey.

You can help each other grow at the same time. Imagine if one of your peers gets a big break. Maybe they’ll think of you and give you an opportunity to show what you can do. There’s huge upside and little downside for online communities.

Being a part of an online community is similar to creating the right music production environment. You’re creating positive serendipity by being a part of an engaged community. This is one of the main appeals of college. The connections you make will help you later down the line. 


Soundfly also has perks with great brands. They have deals with Splice and Landr to name a few. We don’t know what specific deals they have with those brands, but we do know they offer discounts when you get a subscription/mentorship.

Looking at these two brands though, it’s easy to see both discounts have something to do with music production. Landr provides mastering services while Splice offers samples and gear for producers.

Soundfly has branded deals with:

  • Bonfire
  • Bandzoogle
  • Composer Cloud
  • Landr
  • Pibox
  • SoundGym
  • Splice


These perks come in handy once you get better. At first, you’ll just use stock equipment if you’re a beginner. But once you start delving deeper into production, you’ll see you need more than stock to create something unique.

Learning with Soundfly 

The subscription package is your best bet if you’re unsure about Soundfly. If you’re ready to really go in-depth, entering the mentorship program is the best choice as you’ll get faster feedback from experts.

We would recommend Soundfly courses to anyone looking to improve. This isn’t limited to people who are beginners too. If you feel like you’re weak in one specific area, get a subscription and sign up for the course that’ll help you.

Whichever choice you choose, you’ll definitely see a return on investment. It all depends on what program you choose and how hard you want to study.

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