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Marshall Acton vs. Marshall Kilburn

These 2 speakers are on our list from the Marshall brand. Although the brand is best known for the guitar amps, recently, it has been making a move into the speaker industry. 

Surprisingly, they have managed to be stiff competition to other established speaker companies.

The 2 best speakers are now a hot topic of discussion in the market making buyers confused about which to buy. Both products have good audio specifications, great design, and style.

Let’s check which one is better- Marshall Action or Marshall Kilburn? 

We will compare both the speakers in terms of battery life, performance, sound quality, design, and price.

Before we compare, let us have a general overview of both the products.

Marshall Kilburn

marshall kilburn

Marshall Kilburn

You can listen nonstop without charging it repeatedly.

Moreover, its large woofer and tweeters enhance its performance.

It has one woofer of 4-inch and 2 dome tweeters of ¾-inch.

The frequency falls within the range of 62 Hz to 20 kHz.

And the power output of Marshall Kilburn is 2x5 W and 1x15 W.

If we talk about its design, then you'll love the gold-colored metal details with a vintage look at the front that makes it a classic.

Connectivity is not an issue and you can stream music wirelessly using any device for connection.

You can use a tablet, laptop or smartphone.

It weighs less than 7 pounds and the leather strap makes it easy to hold on your way.

Marshall Acton 

Marshall Acton

Marshall Acton

If you want a speaker that delivers good sound even from long distances, then Marshall Acton is best. Its ability to produce crisp highs and clear midrange makes it a balanced Bluetooth speaker.

The bass response is good, and it doesn’t lose sound quality in the midrange audio spectrum. 

Dome tweeters and woofers equipped into it gives high-quality sound and the ability to reproduce low-end sound.

It also possesses one woofer and 2 dome tweeters. This makes it easy for transportation due to its lightweight being approximately 6.6 lbs.

Furthermore, it offers connectivity via Bluetooth 4.0 version. It is a great piece of audio equipment that excels in looks and design.

Now, let us compare the two in terms of different parameters. We will start with sound performance as it's the main parameter to in which you can't make compromises.

Sound performance

When it comes to sound performance, Marshall Kilburn offers high-quality sound due to its individual bass.

You can adjust the sound using the knobs at the top. Moreover, the high quality is due to its woofer which fills the room with sound without getting interrupted.

You can enjoy the music of different genres and it enhances your listening experience as the speaker produces high crisps and deep sounds with detailed mids.

However, those who like listening to songs from pop and rock genres will like it as it has heavy bass.

It gives a cleaner sound with deep bass as it has a single woofer without much stereo separation. Overall, it has low-end bass that gives a better sound performance so that you can enjoy music from all genres without any issues.

With 8 watts of power pumping capability and a 25 watt rated woofer, Marshall Acton is a stronger speaker than the Kilburn. 

Overall, it drives 40 watts of power making it a louder speaker with good volume, and it fills up large rooms.

Since it has a frequency range from 50 Hz to 20 kHz, you'll get clear mids, nice highs, clear crisps, and bright trebles.

You will not need to adjust the knob as the sound quality is solid. However, if you want to adjust the treble, then knobs are given on the speaker’s top.

Also, the bass response is good and serves well without interrupting the midrange. Despite the wide range of the audio spectrum, it gives a great sound signature with good analytical clarity.

The sound signature is more studio than party. Therefore, you can enjoy different music genres.

Who’s the winner?

This is a tough decision as acton is powerful, and Kilburn is as good as any party speaker out there.

But both offer distortion-free sound so pick according to your personal preference. However, in our opinion, Marshall Kilburn is the winner.


The design of Marshall Kilburn is quite attractive due to a carrying strap it has at the top. Both these features give a vintage and classy look to it.

It gives an old-school feeling whilst offering maximum output. Moreover, the small and compact design of the speaker makes it a useful product.

The connectivity is done instantly and remains stable throughout the use without any ups and downs in performance.

However, the speaker can be a bit heavier as it falls under the category of speakers weighing up to 7 lbs.

On the other hand, Marshall Acton has the same look and design.

But the Acton has no built-in battery, so it's not meant for portability. Moreover, it has no strap for easy carrying, unlike Kilburn.

But the design and gold accents are good and the power button sounds nice. The solid construction and high-quality grilles make it a durable speaker.

In terms of design, both are good so it’s a draw in this category.

Battery life, connectivity, and portability

To connect with non-wireless sources, there is an auxiliary input in the Marshall Kilburn. However, to get the best sound, you must use it with a sound amplifier.

You'll get enhanced sound quality when used with an amplifier. Use it up to 20 hours without recharging it once. However, there is no USB cable for charging so you have to use a power adapter to charge it.

Marshal Acton has no RCA audio input, but it has an auxiliary input. Moreover, it runs on a power supply instead of a battery like Kilburn does, making it a non-portable speaker.

It's a great speaker for a home where you don’t have to switch its place repeatedly. 

But keep in mind, this is a disadvantage as it's compact in size, but lacks portability features, and is not versatile as well like Kilburn.

So, Marshall Kilburn is the clear winner when it comes to portability.

However, some buyers view water-resistance as one essential aspect.

But there is bad news for them as Marshall Kilburn is not waterproof. So, if you need a waterproof speaker, try other options.

But if you can compromise with this feature, then it is the best choice. The price is also good which makes it worth investing.

Moreover, price doesn’t matter much as the product is excellent. It's a great and excellent speaker for music lovers.

You'll love to show off this audio art piece to your friends on trips. So, if you value the audio performance and design features then go for Kilburn.

On the other hand, if you value power than Marshall Acton is not bad. Although it lacks some features like portability and versatility, overall it's good.

Its high power rating might be a deciding factor for buyers who are looking for a powerful speaker.

But they will face difficulty charging as the cable is required to charge it.

If you need something that lasts for a long time and has a good backup/battery life, Marshall Kilburn is the best.

You can stream music uninterrupted using Bluetooth portable speakers and get a real feel of music with these 2 powerful speakers. 

Just connect your mobile device with the speaker and get ready to enjoy the music. The various features of these speakers make it worth buying.

You can take it on a trip and still enjoy the clear sound of music even though noise is there.

The powerful tweeters and woofer will deliver clear cut sound without distortions.

Moreover, you will feel good carrying it due to its attractive designs which are rarely seen in other speakers. The stylish, powerful, high quality and portable Marshall Kilburn is the best according to our review and tests.

When so many amazing products are in the market, then why stick to bulky and outdated gadgets.

Same goes for the speakers. Wired, heavy and bulky speakers are no longer in demand since they don’t offer high audio quality.

In addition, we all need comfortable devices so that we can enjoy listening and playing music anywhere.

Bluetooth portable speakers are effective and comfortable gadgets that all music lovers need.

Hopefully, our review has made it easier for you to decide which of these Bluetooth speakers fits you.

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