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Before starting, we want you to have a good understanding of wireless speakers. You should know different types of speakers that exist along with their pros and cons.

Wireless speakers are gadgets with no cables.

Simple pairing with any device such as a computer, tablet, mobile, and other is required. You can connect it using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, wireless network and near field communication technology.

Different portable speakers come with different connectivity options. However, we will explain the speakers using Bluetooth technology for connectivity.

Wi-Fi speakers are also good but they may face connectivity issues when the network is not reliable.

Moreover, fewer people are familiar with this technology.

If you need something easy to configure, then Bluetooth portable speakers are best.

They will let you enjoy the music in the most comfortable environment without spending much of your time connecting.

Advantages of Bluetooth speakers and tips to choose it

Comfortable, portable, quality sound, and easy configuration are few of the advantages of Bluetooth speakers. 

But knowing their benefits is not enough, you need to differentiate them by a few parameters.

This is why we created this article, knowing these guidelines will help you pick the right speaker for your circumstances.

1. Compact and lightweight

A lightweight and compact speaker will fit easily in your backpack when traveling.

On the other hand, other speakers are huge and thus difficult to carry.

You will get different size speakers, but buy one that is not more than 15 cm.

2. Sound quality

Sound quality is the most important feature. But when buying one, how do you know the quality of sound without testing?

If you buy from the store, you can check the sound test, whereas it's not possible in online stores.

These 4 parameters are the ones you need to check for:

1. Sound system

2. Frequency range

3. Output power

4. Impedance

A speaker that emits 80 dB is powerful enough to deliver good quality sound in outdoor environments.

To find out about the volume strength, check the output power of the speaker. A speaker with 15-20 watts will serve the 80 dB.

On the other hand, check the frequency range of the speaker. A human ear is capable of hearing audio ranging from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

So, check a speaker within this range.

In case you find a product that doesn’t emit within this spectrum, then you'll miss some beats.

The key is to buy a speaker that covers a high-frequency range so that all sounds are covered by it.

Next, consider the sound system of the speaker where every speaker has some channels through which they emit the sound.

For example, a 5.1 speaker has one subwoofer for bass and you get 5 full range speakers. 

On the other hand, a 2.0 system has 2 speakers of the full range with one subwoofer.

The final parameter is impedance which indicates how much current is passing through the speaker.

It'll emit low power if the impedance value is more. On the other hand, lower impedance indicates high quality as more power is delivered.

In short, check for low impedance, more sound system, a high-frequency range, and output power to get a high-quality Bluetooth speaker.

Battery backup

You don’t want the speakers to turn off during a party. Therefore, it should have a battery backup to support long term use. 

Few speakers work for 10 hours without charging repeatedly. Look for speakers that playback up to 6 hours.

Another thing to check is how much time a speaker takes to charge. You'll find speakers that charge faster than others also have a battery backup.


NFC connectivity is a lot easier than other technologies. 

Simply bring the devices close and let them connect automatically. 

However, it will connect only when both devices have an NFC system.

In case you want Bluetooth connection, but your old drives have no such option, then use an auxiliary input of 3.5mm.

Use a cable to connect the 2 devices and it’s done.


Compatibility is essential otherwise you'll face pairing issues. 

Almost all speakers have the latest versions of Bluetooth.

But if your device is not equipped with a later version, then pairing will be an issue.

Therefore, always buy speakers that have lower Bluetooth versions. Check for A2DP versions.

Also, some speakers come with a USB output to avoid issues related to compatibility. Moreover, they ease the installation of updates and charge the equipment.


A Bluetooth speaker with the handsfree feature is very useful. For instance, you get a call while listening to music, then what will you do? 

The music will cut automatically so that you don’t miss the call. The music will resume after the call. Search for a speaker that offers hands-free operation.

Multiple Speakers’ Connectivity

This feature is commonly found in Wi-Fi home speakers, but only few Bluetooth speakers have this feature. 

Having multiple speaker connectivity is good when you need complete surround sound.

On the other hand, using a single speaker is not sufficient to get quality sound in a large room.

Therefore, you need multiple speakers. So, check a speaker that has multiple connection facilities.


The design might not be an important aspect for most buyers, but those who like creative and attractive gadgets should consider it.

Bluetooth speakers are now available in multiple color combinations. Pick one that blends perfectly with the home interior.


You will place speakers in many areas taking advantage of its portability.

You may place them near water. If the speakers get in contact with water, then it'll have a huge impact on the sound.

Therefore, you must look for a waterproof speaker. You may find submersible speakers, but it’s better to look for water-resistant speakers. You can take a waterproof speaker.


Durability plays an important role in every product, especially in electronics as they are expensive, and not all buyers can afford to buy it again.

Be sure to read reviews before looking for a portable speaker.

Moreover, some people are careless and they drop their mobile phones and other gadgets frequently. 

If you are someone like this, you must check durability so that you don’t have to invest money on the next speaker.

Check the materials used to construct a speaker's durability to see how durable the speaker actually is.

As Per Needs

People usually buy a speaker without thinking about its purpose. Why buy according to purpose?

It's because different models are available, so always choose accordingly.

Maybe you need it for camping purposes, or a barbecue party, or a trip.

In any of the cases, you should be prepared about it.

For instance, a speaker with high output power is good to use at exteriors, or outside environments.

For outside surroundings, high sound power is required as other noises will lower down the sound. 

A poor quality speaker will ruin the entire fun on the trip. The key is to get a speaker that delivers maximum power up to 80 decibels.


The last aspect is the price which is a deciding factor for most buyers.

Some may compromise with price, but not with features.

For such buyers, a high price may not be an issue, but others who cannot compromise with price must find a good budget-friendly speaker.

Moreover, portable speakers are popular so every company wants to launch its product and expect better sales.

Thus, they keep a marginal price to sustain in the market. Therefore, you'll easily find speakers within an affordable range. It means you don’t have to compromise with features and price simultaneously.

So, if you think that only expensive portable Bluetooth speakers have good features, then you're wrong.

Even a less expensive option is good where you'll get the same features as that of an expensive speaker.

Do some research about your needs and pick the one having your desired features.

These tips will be useful in finding the right portable Bluetooth speaker.

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