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Why Should You Get Hidden Outdoor Speakers?

Sometimes you want to show off the outdoor speakers, but sometimes you don't. But why wouldn't you want to show your outdoor speakers? There are a couple of reasons we can think of right away.

The first reason is you don't want it to ruin the vibe of your backyard. If everything from the plants to the furniture blend in together, having a speaker stick out like a sore thumb isn't a great addition.

Having a hidden speaker remedies this problem.

You can hide your speakers via a plant base or making it blend in with your garden. The second reason, which is more practical, is having people not damage your speakers. If your speakers are out in the open, then it's more likely people will damage them.

The catch is if your speakers are hidden, people might not notice it's a speaker and still damage them.

And let's be honest, some speakers are just ugly. Acquiring a hidden outdoor speaker will make your speakers less ugly.

No need to worry though, we curated a list (no particular order) to help you find a quality hidden outdoor speaker.

The 8 Best Hidden Outdoor Speakers

Niles Audio GS4 Discreet Garden Speakers

small outdoor speakers

What you'll notice on this list are outdoor speakers we've mentioned before in other articles. This speaker is no different and it's on multiple articles because of how good it is in multiple areas.

First off, the Niles Audio GS4 is small which makes it ideal for any place in your backyard. You can place it behind a bush, on the deck, or in the garden. Wherever you prefer outdoors, it's suitable. You can also mount it as it comes with dual mounting options.

Another beautiful part is it has wide-range dispersion, meaning, whenever you play it, it'll be heard throughout your backyard.

The sound itself also amplifies lower frequencies. Playing songs with heavy 808's or bass will be heard. Impressive for speakers which are only 4-inches with polypropylene woofers.

If you're worried, don't worry, its build is weather-resistant.

One caveat with its design is its flimsy base. If it's placed where a lot of people pass, then it'll get kicked over.


Polk Audio AM3385-A Atrium Sat30 Outdoor Speaker

hidden outdoor speakers

The difference between the Niles Audio and the Polk Audio are slim.

First off, both look alike. Both have a slim base prone to falling over if kicked the wrong way. It also has multiple mounting options.

The Polk Audio delivers power of up to 100 watts. To compliment its wide-range dispersion, it has dome tweeters.

Also similar to the Niles Audio is durability. It's weather-resistant, but Polk markets it as "all-weather enclosure."

If it does well in the weather, we don't mind labeling it all-weather enclosure.


Niles PB6SI PRO Terracotta

hidden outdoor speakers

Compared to all the other plant-based speakers on this list, this one stores the biggest plant.

Its design makes it look more like a plant holder than anything else.

But the one tell is the base. You can see there are aluminum grilles.

The downside of this outdoor speaker is its size. It's not small so you have to be selective on where you place it.

An advantage to its design is it does well against bad weather. It also has waterproof wire-nuts to ensure quality connection at all times.

This speaker also doesn't have a wide-dispersion which is another downside. This is due to its 6-inch down-firing subwoofers which also has advantages, but not for wide-dispersion.

Even though it doesn't cover the widest areas, it's still great for outdoors. It's still clear on both left and right speakers.


ION Planter Outdoor Speakers With Weather-Resistant Design

hidden outdoor speaker

This doesn't even look like an outdoor speaker at first glance. It looks like a plant base first, then a speaker second if you look hard enough.

There are cool features on this plant base/hidden outdoor speaker. One of them is it can stream wirelessly from any Bluetooth music-playing device. And obviously, you can put plants in it which no other speaker on here can do.

Similar to other hidden outdoor speakers on here, it's also water-resistant. If you think about it, you get the 2-for-1 special. You can water your plants and play music while it's raining.

What's also cool about the speaker is its battery lasts all day and it has a built-in rechargeable battery.


OEM Systems High-Performance Planter Speaker

hidden outdoor speaker

This hidden outdoor speaker is another planter.

Similar to the speaker above, you can place a medium-sized plant inside it making it look like a plant base.

The speaker itself is located below the plant base, not the base of the whole object itself. Simply put, the speaker is in the middle of the object, not visible without further inspection.

A downside of this product is it comes in one color, classic gray. If you have a backyard with nature colors it'll stand out.

Features include dual voice coils woofers, poly dome tweeters, and power handling ranging from 40-80 watts max.



in-ground subwoofer

These are hard to blend in because of their color and shape. But it's still possible to hide them if you have a certain type of garden.

We included this speaker due to its sound quality. It disperses sound well and has a deep enriching bass. It's clear to see from its design it has omni-directional sound. Other speakers on here can disperse sound over a wide area but this speaker is built exactly for this reason.

It's also durable. Its design allows it to be sturdy with a water-resistant surface. You can't knock it over because its foundation is wide. TIC markets its durability as being able to survive harsh winters and hot summers.

Its wattage power also comes to 80 watts which is enough to fill your outdoor space.

Another benefit is it's cheap. Consumers should consider this if they're looking quality sound and a long-lasting product.

But it still gets the job done if you're trying to hide it. You probably just need to try harder if you're going to hide it though.


Polk Audio AM3386-A Atrium Sub 10 Speaker

Similar to the TIC, this one is hard to blend in with your backyard unless you make an effort too.

This speaker is one you have to put near dirt if you want to blend it in.

What makes it standout even more is its wattage power. You get 200 watts if you're playing it at its max. 

In addition to that, you get a 10-inch driver. This helps eliminate driver distortion for deeper bass. It also makes sure the bass is cleaner when you test out the wattage power.

Bass penetrates multiple surfaces. That's why it's the one part of the music you feel even if you can't hear the lyrics. 

The main feature of this speaker's durability is strong screw points for stability. There's also inputs for volume control and different stereo speakers.


Connoisseur Frog Garden Bluetooth Speaker

hidden outdoor speakers

The Connoisseur Frog Garden speaker could be a gag gift for its design. 

But gag gifts are usually useless. This garden speaker looks small but it comes in at 9 pounds, enough to not get thrown away by strong wind.

Besides its design, there isn't much about its specifications.

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