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Imagine it’s summer.

You’re hosting a party and everyone is having fun talking about life, or better yet, food…mmhmm.

You’re on the grill cooking up a mean chicken, some hot wings, hot dogs, and literally everything around you is going great except something is missing…

You have no wireless outdoor speakers!

Can you even picture such absurdity??? No speakers at a party is like having computers in your house with no internet.

Your outdoor party would look similar to this:

outdoor party

Looking at this picture I have one question, why are they in the middle of the street?

Ok. sarcasm aside, having no music at a party is definitely different. It brightens up the mood, and changes the atmosphere for everyone at a party.

I mean, it might make it harder to talk, but that’s what forces people to get closer (literally) and actually talk to each other. It forces intimacy.

It creates an atmosphere that can be enjoyable for people who attend.

It doesn’t even have to be a party. Having a get-together with close friends or family is reason enough to get speakers.

In addition, speakers help with annoyances that could disrupt your party.

1. Outdoor Speakers Drown Out Unwanted Noise

If you include factors like outdoor sounds, then you’ll know that they can get really bothersome.

One example is waking up early because the garbage truck is right in front of your house.

It also sucks when your neighbor is cleaning their garage with a loud vacuum.

Another common annoyance is neighbors constantly mowing their lawns. I mean, it looks great for the neighborhood, but it also messes with your sleep.

That’s why if you throw a party outside, make sure you have the right equipment to drown out the noise!

Being around that type of noise while your hosting an outdoor party can be a nuisance.

All the noise from the outside will drown out what you’re doing at your party.

There are no walls or ceilings to reflect the sound you want so you won’t be able to block out the noise.

This is why wireless party speakers are great. You can spread your own music that’s enjoyable while drowning out other noise.

If you’re worried about tough weather conditions, then consider audio equipment that’s durable.

There is party audio equipment which will stand strong in the toughest of conditions. Just watch out for the wires.

The reason you want wireless audio equipment is because they’re easily transferable.

Of course….what a major discovery right?

But, imagine having to move all that equipment around when it’s connected in a complicated way.

Nobody wants to deal with all that, especially if there is a party going on.

It’s also easier to place them. You don’t have to worry about outlets, and you can place them away from kids and others who could potentially be harmed.

Also, if you have a swimming pool, you can just put those speakers as far away as possible.

2. Dancing

The second reason is a by-product of reason one.


It’s a great way to get everybody up and moving.

Think about it. Have you ever seen somebody sad while dancing? Even better, have you ever seen anybody bored dancing?

Dancing brings out the good vibes. It can be done by people of all ages no matter what skill level.

Dancing also gets people out of their seats. After eating, especially if they eat a lot, people can get drowsy and fall asleep.

Do you really want people falling asleep at your party?

It can drain the energy of your party and make your party boring. Who would want that?

Another factor to consider is the room inside versus the space outside.

Compare a party inside versus a party outside and having a party inside can get crowded fast. But when you have a party outside, there’s more space to bust a move.

There’s also a difference in music between the two spaces.

The sound vibration between both places will be different.

That’s another factor to consider if you plan on having company over for the game.

3. Live Television

Everything nowadays seems like it can be streamed.

Television shows, movies, music festivals, and more. Thanks to companies like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, all your favorite forms of entertainment can be played with a push of a button.

But you know what can’t be cloned?

Live entertainment.

4. Live Entertainment

Although live television and live entertainment can be the same, I wanted live entertainment to have its own category because there are differences.

One major difference is you can have live entertainment in the form of someone singing karaoke at your party.

That would be so fun to watch!

Watching your friend or family member sing something while drunk is a Kodak moment.

Another form of live entertainment is having someone get the microphone and crack jokes. Even if they’re not a professional comedian, if they make people laugh, why not let them perform.

Both performances are live entertainment. But the only way its possible is through outdoor speakers.

It enhances your live experience and makes the experience more vivid.

Live entertainment, combined with outdoor speakers make the overall entertainment experience better. Also, party speakers are great for announcements.

5. Announcements

If we look at weddings and big events, there are huge speakers and a microphone nearby.

It’s no coincidence because there are key people who need to be heard whatever the occasion.

If you put outdoor speakers in your backyard during a party, don’t just use it for music, let the DJ get in on the action.

Let the DJ hype up the crowd!

Alongside dancing and live entertainment, having a DJ entertain by pumping people up, or cracking jokes is another great form of entertainment.

As for announcements, let me give you a scenario.

Imagine your best friend is at your party with their significant other.

Your best friend gets on one knee….says something sweet, from the heart, but NOBODY HEARS IT!

What ensues are scattered claps, and everyone looking at each other asking what he said.


What kind of friend would let that happen. Now, if we look at the situation differently, and you have the equipment at the party, the situation would be different.

Before your best friend proposes, he grabs the microphone, gets on one knee, drops the love speech, and asks the question.

Now, instead of everybody clapping aimlessly, they’re now ecstatic because they’ve heard the great news!

That’s all thanks to the right equipment!

If you’re going to take anything away from this short example, it’s this.

Make sure you have the right tools for the occasion!

outdoor speakers


If you’re sensing a trend here when it comes to outdoor speakers, then you’re right.

The reason you need party speakers is to make the entertainment experience better.

Bringing in audio equipment that’ll allow you to play music and make people dance makes the party better.

If you happen to have a DJ at your party, the excitement can go through the roof. The DJ can act as a hype man, or you can voluntarily make the party more entertaining by talking to the crowd through the speakers.

Acting as the host and public service announcer is quite a resume. Now when people think of you,they’ll remember how fun your party was, and how you had the whole set-up going.

Don’t miss out on that experience by not bringing speakers!!!



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